Dotty Autumn Trees

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I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest again for inspiration, and I came across many similar designs where the artist has freehanded tree branches, then dotted or sponged different colours surrounding for the leaves. As I was feeling adventurous, I thought that I’d give it a try…

I first tried the whole sponging technique and, well, it didn’t go so well and I made a complete and utter mess. Not phased in the slightest, I peeled the mess off (I was fully prepared for a fail and used my UNT peel off base) and started again, only this time swapping out the sponge for a dotting tool.

As my Meebox arrived just as I was getting into full Blogtober mode, I feel as though I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it. Which is a shame because the colours in there are so pretty, anyway, the gold polish by Cuccio that I’m using for this design came within the Aphrodite Meebox, as well as the peach base colour which is called Ana by Zoya. I will be coming up with some more designs using that box soon.

I also grabbed a few faves from the new Leighton Denny Modern Bohemia collection.

How to recreate the look

  • As always, start with your base coat

  • Pop on your base colour, it needs to be fairly pale so the trees burst out against it. I decided to use Ana by Zoya which again I got in the most recent Meebox. It has a lovely satin finish too

  • Once your base colour has dried, its time to freehand those branches. I used Dreamcatcher by Leighton Denny with a long, thin nail art brush

  • Now you’ve got your branches in place, let’s get those dotted leaves on. To avoid over complicating things, I chose to stick to two colours, Russian Oppulance by Cuccio which is the gold, and Eclectic Vibe by Leighton Denny which is the green-gold. Just randomly dot a mix of the colours around your branches until you are happy with the look

  • Allow your art to dry, and seal it all in with a top coat

Easy peasy! I actually really like how these turned out, even though I am notoriously terrible at freehand designs.

Make sure you visit the blog again tomorrow for my third special guest post!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx