Cienna Rose: New Nail Care Treatments

*Contains PR Products*

A little over two week ago I was sent the new nail treatments by Cienna Rose. Carla who is the brains behind the brand asked if I could try them out for a while to see how I got on with them. I would usually wait longer than two week for something like this, however I have seen such an impressive result that I feel 100% comfortable recommending them this far in.

I must warn you - in this post you will see my naked nails!

In this selection of nail treats I had the all new Brighten Up (Scrub), The Elixir (Cuticle Oil), Overnight Success (overnight revival mask), Inner Strength (Strengthening Nail Hardener Treatment), and Plump it Up (High Shine Gel Effect Top Coat).

Brighten Up

This is a gentle cuticle scrub for all nail types, an idea that is completely new to me. Not once have I ever scrubbed my cuticles, and I didn’t even know that this was a thing! But I’m glad I know now, what a difference it has made to my cuticles. They are cleaner, neater, and easily pushed back out of the way.

This, like the rest of the products I shall be talking about today is a 12-free formula, so no nasties hiding inside. It has also been enriched with Wool Keratin, Caffeine, Biotin, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lemongrass Oil and Glycerin to brighten, hydrate and protect.

It is super easy to use, just sweep the brush over your cuticles, rub in gently to exfoliate, wipe away excess or rinse, then gently push back cuticles (personally I recommend a rubber orange stick as it is more gentle on the skin). Before pushing back the cuticles I also like to pop on some cuticle oil, which leads me nicely into the next product…

The Elixir

A nourishing cuticle oil for all nail types. I work as a BA at Marks and Spencer, and the amount of people who come up to me telling me about the poor condition of their nails is incredible. ‘They’re dry, they’re flaky, what can I do?’ The first thing I always ask is - ‘do you use a cuticle oil?’, I’m still always shocked to hear the reply of ‘no’. You’ve got to take care of them cuticles ladies! Healthy cuticles lead to healthy nails, unless there’s underlying issues of course, but using an oil will always help.

Anyway, here is a cuticle oil to put the rest to the test, enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Lemongrass Oil. Simply brush onto the cuticles and massage in. It is recommended to be used twice a day, but to be honest I use it morning, noon, night and every hour in-between. My skin can get quite dry either because of unpacking at work, gardening, or even just because of dry air with central heating.

It’s magic in a bottle, keeps the cuticles looking and feeling good, and actually - smelling good too! I know that’s a bit strange and perhaps not something you’d expect of a cuticle oil, but it really does you know.

Overnight Success

So this is a leave on treatment for the night. It has been designed for dry and brittle nails, and is enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 and Star Seaweed.

Recommended to be used twice a week, at night apply to clean and dry nails. Leave it on all night to infuse, then rinse clean with water in the morning.

I have been using this just once a week, this is down to my work as a blogger/swatcher and to do with my job at M&S too. I like to use it back to back with Inner Strength, so on my days off from M&S where I’m more likely to be swapping and changing my nail polish for posts, I use Overnight Success once (usually on a Wednesday night). Then, for my shifts at M&S where I wouldn’t be changing my polish, I use the Inner Strength. Even using it in this way has made a considerable difference to my nails which you will see shortly.

Inner Strength

Here is the strengthening nail hardener treatment for all nail types. It is enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 and Star Seaweed.

This is also recommended to be used twice a week, but as mentioned above, I use it just once a week. It works to encourage strong and healthy nails, and can be used as a base coat too.

Again I use this once a week, and I apply it the night before I’m due to start my 3 or 4 day stint at M&S (its retail, so we have to work every other weekend and get a break during the week), so this is usually on a Friday or Saturday, then it will be removed the following Wednesday ready for application of the Overnight Success.

My goodness, I hope this is all making sense, I just want to give a clear picture of how I’ve been using the products. Let’s bullet point it - if not for you, for me…

  • Saturday/Sunday - Apply Inner Strength

  • Wednesday morning - Remove Inner Strength

  • Wednesday night - Apply Overnight Success

  • Thursday morning - Wash off Overnight Success

There! That looks better doesn’t it?

Remember, this is just how I’ve chosen to use the products as it fits well around my working/blogging/swatching pattern. If you can fit in twice a week for both, I’d definitely recommend it, because if just once a week for each has helped my nails as much as they have, I can only imagine the results from using them twice over.

Right, the time has come, naked nail time…

Right Hand

Left Hand (Cindy)

You don’t often get to see my Cindy hand, do you now?! There is a reason for that..

On my left hand, the ring and pinky nails both have terrible lines running down the full length. I must have pranged them at some point as they haven’t always been like that. The ring finger being the worst as it actually has more than one line, it has multiple. It’s a weak nail, thinner than the rest and also flatter, even with polish on it looks a bugger. Hence why I choose to use my right hand for swatches.

Both nails will always split where the (deepest) line is once they reach a certain length, typically just in line with the fingertip. But look at the length of them here after just two weeks of using Overnight Success and Inner Strength! I’m going to have to cut them down for the first time in a long time, and not because of them splitting, but because they’re too long for my liking.

On my right hand I had two major breaks, the pointer finger and the middle finger. I’ve been able to conceal it in my Instagram posts pretty well as I’ve been about 3-4 weeks ahead due to Blogtober, but after two weeks of using the treatments they are steadily catching up to the ring and pinky. To be honest, looking at these photos it seems as though I’m going to have to do some major clipping and filing to even them out…

Plump it Up

We’ve made it to the final item, the high shine gel effect top coat. My posts seem to be getting longer and longer these days, but more informative I hope. Let me know if you’ve been enjoying them this way…

Yes, so, Plump it Up!

For all nail types, enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Lemongrass Oil. Apply two coats after your chosen colour. I’ve used this frequently since receiving it, and I find that not only does it add a super high shine to rival my fave Seche Vite, but it also dries in record time too.

For those who like to do nail art, I can confirm that this doesn’t drag or smudge your design either.

OK, we have seen all of the new nail treatments. What do you think? Completely wowed aren’t you?

In true Carla style, the packaging is divine. Complete with pretty floral boxes that contain all the product information you could possibly need both in English and French (I think it’s French anyway). All bases are covered, also just as a little reminder that this brand is Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

All treatments and Top Coat come in a 13ml bottle to match any of the Cienna Rose nail lacquers you already have in your collection, and are priced from £9.50 - £10.50. You can find them HERE along with more in depth product information.

Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading,

Love, Leanne Xx