Survey Results and my Plans for the New Year

Each year I host a survey for all of you where you can share all of your thoughts and suggestions about my blog. There is the chance to let me know what I’m doing right and what I can do to improve. This year I had some fantastic feedback, which I will share today and chat about what I intend to do in the New Year …

Before I get started though, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to those who participated. I’m truly grateful as this blog isn’t just for me, it’s for you too, and I’m always eager to learn more and improve.

What questions did I ask you?

I tried to keep the survey as short/quick as possible so you could whizz through it, but also left some open comment boxes where you could spend more time if you wanted to. Here is what I asked:

  • Overall, do you enjoy my blog’s content?

  • Do you find my blog visually appealing?

  • Do you find my blog easy to navigate?

  • Did you enjoy Blogtober? Did you keep up with most of the posts?

  • Which Brands/Products would you like to see me post about?

  • Any particular posts you’d like to see me do?

  • What do you think I need to improve on with my blog?

  • How long have you been following/reading my posts?

  • Any additional comments? Constructive criticisms?

By the way, just because the survey has finished doesn’t mean you can’t get involved! If you perhaps didn’t get chance to take part but would like to push some ideas forward, you are more than welcome to leave a comment on this post, or if you’d prefer to stay private, you can email me at -

What where the responses?

Well thankfully it seems as though I’m not doing too badly as 100% of responses said that they enjoyed my blogs content. Phew! This means a lot to me as it shows that I am creating the correct content for you, my audience.

Also, 100% of responses showed that people find my blog visually appealing, another mighty PHEW! here as I spent a lot of time after my previous survey, making my pages look attractive, professional, but still unique. I like to keep my space looking different to most.

Just one person told me that they don’t find my blog easy to navigate, and I have a feeling it’s the same person from the survey last year. A comment came up that I’ve seen before, and I believe that there is a post which I’ve created at some point that has been unable to be found. This is probably because I have deleted it… I don’t often do this, but if I put a post out that is unpopular and doesn’t get much love, I bin it. So all I can do is apologise, but you are always welcome to let me know what post it was, and perhaps I could re-write it and improve on it? It’s no problem at all.

Since my last survey I also made it my mission to make searching for posts easier, I tag lots of keywords now so hopefully using the search-bar has now become a doddle. For example, if you want to find a post where I’ve used a particular colour from a particular brand, all you’d have to do is type it into the search-bar and every post featuring that item would pop up for you.

As for Blogtober, it seems like everyone enjoyed it, some people managed to keep up to it every day, and some only caught part of it. This is perfectly understandable as I know we all lead very busy lives, but please know that I’m always grateful for any post that gets read by you! I can see in my stats that Blogtober was very successful, pulling in over 6,000 page views within the month. Awesome!

‘Which Brands/Products would you like to see me post about?’ brought in some wonderful responses, so here is a little list of your suggestions:

  • more high street makeup brands

  • Nails Inc

  • Kiko

  • more nail related posts

  • Leighton Denny

  • China Glaze

  • more indie brands

  • palettes

  • skincare

So many fab suggestions here and they are all going to be worked towards in the New Year. I’ve already dipped my toes into them by posting a 3-part post about my Soap and Glory Haul, and I’ve also made a purchase with Danglefoot nail polish (hopefully a post on this will already of gone up, if not - hang tight! It’s coming).

2019 will bring you more of the above, I promise.

A few people mentioned the kind of posts they’d like to see me do. I’m sorry that I keep saying ‘the people’ or ‘someone’, but this survey was completely anonymous, as it well should be! Here are the ideas put forward:

  • make-up tutorials

  • silicone sponge review

  • Christmas nails

  • Skincare reviews

  • beginners guide to nail art/stamping

So I find make up tutorials pretty hard to put into the blog, but I will definitely give it a go. Hopefully now that my room is all set up I could do more of this kind of thing on Youtube, I just need to build up my courage first.

The silicone sponge review I honestly couldn’t sit on, and you can find that particular post HERE.

I feel as though Blogmas has included many Christmas Nail ideas, both from myself and my guests so I can tick that off the list!

More skincare reviews can easily be done, and is something that I wanted to work on next year anyway, so that Polished by Leanne has a healthy, balanced mix of nails, nail art, skincare, and makeup.

I love, love, love the idea of the ‘beginners guide to…’ how about if I did a series of cheat cards? Sharing all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up etc, what do you think?

I’m super chuffed to say that 100% of responses don’t think that I need to do anything to improve on with the blog, thank you so much! I also learnt that the majority have followed my work for months, and the remainder for a year or more. I think I need to reach some new people!

Here’s another part of this post where I’m going to go all mushy and thank you again, because everyone who took part in the survey left me some really lovely comments. Words of encouragement and love, I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people supporting me! I’m sending you all big, virtual hugs!

Plans for 2019

I have so many plans, including working towards checking off all of the suggestions left by you.

Perhaps I shouldn’t go into too much detail about my other ideas just yet, incase they are a flop haha! But please know that I have many exciting things in mind to keep this space fresh, new, and interesting for us all.

One thing I will say is that I am really narrowing down my niche, so the lifestyle/games/Bobbie posts will be stopping - though you will be able to find them by using the search-bar, I haven’t deleted them, they’re just hidden. I know this may disappoint some of you, but honestly they don’t pull in the same views as my nails and beauty posts do, so it seems daft wasting the time and energy that goes into them.

Well! It’s certainly turned into a longer post than I thought, but hopefully an interesting one? I loved all of your feedback, I will always strive to improve and take your comments into consideration. If I can make them happen, I will.

Thank you so much for reading, and see you tomorrow for the final post of the year and of course, Blogmas!

Love, Leanne Xx