Sparkly Party Makeup Look

Hey everyone! Today I have a fun post for you, I actually had a day off - a real one where I didn’t have to go out, do my hair or anything! - so I did what any normal makeup addict would do and sat down and played with all my new and sparkly makeup.

I’m no makeup artist, and I know that my ‘look’ is far from perfect, but I really enjoyed the process and quite liked the finished product. I mean, I wouldn’t be scared of wearing it out, so thought I could share it here with you all for Blogmas.

I’ll do a full product breakdown, and a good description of what steps I took…

Products in order of Use

  • Brow Stencil - Slim Arch, by Eyelure

  • 35c Eyeshadow palette - Morphe

  • Brow perfecting liner - Studio 10

  • Beauty Killer Eyeshadow palette - Jeffree Star

  • Make a Party Eyeshadow palette - Diego Dalla Palma

  • On Point Eyeliner in Heartless (black) - Pur Cosmetics

  • Fully Charged black Mascara - Pur Cosmetics

  • Liquid FairyLights in SunRay - Pixi Beauty

  • Pat Away Concealer in Cream - Pixi Beauty

  • All in One Foundation in Ivory, Autograph - Marks and Spencer

  • Highlight & Bronze palette - Marks and Spencer

  • PixiGlowCake in PinkChampagne Glow - Pixi Beauty

  • Aurora Glow Kit, Eclipse - Anastasia Beverley Hills

  • Glowsetter Setting Spray - GlamGlow

  • Wig, Zoey - Lush Wigs

How to Create the Look

I always kick of my makeup look with the brows and eyes, that way I can easily dust off or wipe off any fallout, so with that in mind, I placed the Eyelure brow stencil where felt right and ‘coloured in’ using a light brown shadow out of the Morphe 35c palette. After lifting off the stencil I used a similar colour brow pencil by Studio10 to quickly and lightly fill in any gaps I could see. To try and make the brows look a little less blocky, I always give them a good comb through after with a brow brush.

Next I popped on my pat away concealer by Pixi over the eyelids to act as a base. Taking a large fluffy eye brush I then set the concealer with a bone coloured shadow similar to my own skin tone, in this instance I used China White from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette. I find that doing this helps me to blend out any colours I use over the top of it.

For this party look I wanted a nice, bright pop of colour, so decided to dip into the Make a Party palette by Diego Dalla Palma. In here there is a raspberry pink shade, which I applied generously to the inner corner, crease and outer corner only, to create a halo effect. I did build up the colour slightly, but made sure to blend upwards and outwards using a clean fluffy brush between applications. It’s important to blend and soften the edges for a better finished eye look.

Within that same palette there is a beautiful pressed gold glitter, which I used over the middle of the lids. I have done a mini review of the palette which you can find HERE, but I mentioned in there that you don’t need a glitter glue for this, and that they apply better with your fingers rather than a brush.

I then used the black eyeliner from Pur to tight line the upper lash line and for the waterline too, then generously coated my lashes with the black Fully Charged mascara from Pur. To finish off this eye look I dipped back into that same raspberry pink shade as before with a small detail brush and swept it under the lash line focusing more on the outer corner and leaving the inner corner free, where I used the Pixi FairyLight in SunRay to compliment the pressed gold glitter on the lid.

You can probably tell that most of my time is spent on my eye makeup, we are going to speed through the rest of it, I promise!

My next step is primer, I know a lot of people don’t really bother with this, but I find that a good primer will help my makeup last throughout the day, but also acts as another hydrator for my skin. I have been using the Autograph Prep & Prime Illuminating Primer religiously, in fact my tub is almost empty!

Once I feel that my primer has settled nicely, I move onto foundation. Another item that I’ve nearly run out of is the Autograph All in One foundation in Ivory. I only use a small amount of this, and apply with my favourite dense round brush from Real Techniques. When I’ve finished blending it all out and making sure I don’t have a tell tale tide mark around the jaw area, I add a very small amount of concealer to the under the eye area, mostly near the inner corner (carefully avoiding the shadows placed previously), to slightly lift and brighten.

It’s not often that I bother to bronze or contour, but I did just a little bit for the photos. I used a new palette that I picked up from Marks and Spencer, it’s their own brand Highlight & Bronze palette, the bronze shade isn’t too dark and mucky looking on my pale skin, so I lightly swept it under the cheeks as if to contour. If my wig didn’t have a fringe I would have taken it up and around the temples too.

To add a nice flush of colour to the cheeks I chose to use my favourite blush at the moment, and that is the PixiGlowCake in PinkChampagne Glow. It is a 3 in 1 palette with a soft gradient between the bronze, blush and highlight, so you can use them separately, or swirl your brush over them all and mix them up. For this look I focused my blush brush over the lighter tones, the highlighter and blush shade, and applied lightly onto the cheeks.

Here is where I spray on my first lot of setting spray. I am obsessed with the GlamGlow Glowsetter, it doesn’t contain any alcohol and it smells incredible. Whilst my face is still a little damp from the spray, I pop on a highlight. I felt as though Eclipse from the Anastasia Beverley Hills Aurora palette was the perfect shade of highlight for today, so went to town applying it over the cheekbones, brow bones, tip of nose, arch in nose, cupids bow… OK, OK, I told you I went to town with it haha! Once I feel that I have a substantial amount of glow going on, I give myself another spritzing over of the setting spray.

Last and final step - we made it!

Of course it’s the lips, and for this I used my Leighton Denny Lip Dual in Hot for Chocolate, a beautiful and yummy brown lipstick. As the eye look is so bold, I wanted to keep the lips quite neutral.

That’s everything!

I love having the time to sit down and have a right good play with my makeup. I hope you enjoyed today’s look and post…

Thank you for reading, and see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx