Soap and Glory Mega Haul: Part 3

We have arrived at the final instalment of my Soap and Glory Mega Haul! I hope you enjoyed parts one and two, I still have plenty to chat about with you today with these last few items so let’s jump straight back in…

Clean On Me Shower Gel

This is a very creamy gel that smells beautiful. It’s very clever as well as it has a built in body lotion which will leave your skin clean, moisturised, and smelling great. Once in contact with water, it transforms into a wonderful lather, so soft and gentle.

The bottle included in the bundle is 75ml in size, and to purchase separately would cost only £3 which is just incredible. One thing that has had me consistently impressed throughout this journey of discovering S&G products is that the prices are more than reasonable, most can enjoy their bath and skin goodies without breaking the bank! You can also find bigger sizes at Boots with prices ranging from the £3 - £6.50.

Flake Away Body Polish

Here is another product that just smells so yummy! It is a fab body scrub that does what it says on the tin. Made up with skin loving ingredients such as shea butter, sugar and apricot seed, this is one that I will 100% be repurchasing.

In the bundle it came in a 50ml tub which I can’t seem to find on the Boots website individually, but you can get it in a 300ml tub for £8 - and it’s included in the 3 for 2 offer too.

Spritz Me Quick Moisture Mist

I like the idea of this product more than the body sprays mentioned in part two. Here is a sweet smelling spray that will work perfectly into my routine without trying to place my favourite perfumes.

So yes it smells amazing (it is scented with Original Pink, bergamot and rose), but the idea of this is to give your skin added moisture. I love to use this under my body moisturiser, especially now whilst it’s so cold and we have the heating on full belt because it really does make my skin dry.

It sinks into the skin super quick, so if you have quite dry skin and needed a quick fix during the day, this is the perfect spray for you. Ingredients include micronised Liqui-Shea Butter and sugarcane juice. Yummy!

You can buy this individually for £7, 125ml.

The Righteous Body Butter

I absolutely adore all of the Soap and Glory Body Butters and creams, they have the most lovely texture to them. Almost whipped, very light, but ultra nourishing - my skin loves the heck out of them!

Again the smell is out of this world, and there is the impressive ingredients list includes shea butter and aloe vera.

In the bundle I received a 50ml tub worth £3, but it can be bought in a larger component of 300ml for £10.

Sugar Crush Body Wash

The more I use this the more I’m convinced that its my top favourite scent from Soap and Glory. It has a juicy, fruity, mouth watering sweet lime smell that I’m obsessed with. I think I will definitely be stocking up on it for the spring/summer months.

I’ve been using this for bubbles in the bath as well as a body wash, it lathers up perfectly and you come out of the bath/shower feeling and smelling gorgeous!

I received this in a 75ml bottle which I cant find on the website, but you can buy it in a bigger bottle of 500ml for £6.50 which also has a pump included - handy!

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream

Of course once you’ve finished bathing in the Sugar Crush body wash you want to extend that experience by finishing off with this buttercream! It smells just as good as the latter, and it has fab ingredients too such as shea and cocoa nut balm, lime and almond oils, kiwi water juice - is your mouth watering yet because mine sure is!

This buttercream feels slightly, and I mean ever so slightly, heavier than the previous creams discussed. It still works into the skin well without a horrible greasy feeling afterwards, it really is a pleasure to use.

The tub in the bundle is 50ml, but it can be found in a 300ml tub (which I will be buying) for £10.

The final two items would work perfectly together as a gift for someone who is into toning their skin…

Sit Tight Saddlebags Serum

Well I don’t know where to start with this one haha! The first thing I had to do was google what saddlebags actually were which for those of you who don’t know - its your thigh and butt area. I guess the hint was in the title, but I just had to make sure you know!

You really don’t need to use a lot of this product, I went in a little too heavy the first time round and boy was I uncomfortable! It can leave you with a warming and cooling sensation both at the same time for a good while after application. Apparently this is completely normal. It smells nice too, a little minty I think?

The serum comes in a bottle complete with a roller which massages the product into the skin. You’re supposed to use this twice daily, but I don’t think I could handle it, I’m too soft! I cant say that my saddlebags are a problem for me, I don’t feel that I need much toning in that area, but if that area is a concern for you, it might be worth giving this a go. It’s supposed to make your skin look smoother in just 2 weeks.

For 85ml it would cost £12, and they even do an intense version which I think I will be staying clear of for sure…but you can find it on the website for £14.50, 125ml.

Up-Toned Girl Body Lotion

This is a 3 in 1 body lotion that works to firm, tone and condition. It smells very fruity and fresh, with more fab ingredients such as coconut, almond and grapeseed oils.

It comes in a handy pump component containing 350ml of product, and it would cost you £10. Again, it would pair up perfectly with the above serum as a gift.

I don’t feel like I can really comment on either of these two items in terms of toning and firming as (and please don’t start hating on me) I don’t feel like I particularly need much toning. I could do with losing a bit of weight off my belly, that’s my only real grumble bodywise, but I think cutting out the sweets and treats out of my diet would do the trick more than a body lotion would!

Anyways! That is the last of my Soap and Glory Haul, there really has been some amazing products. I’m going to do a quick break down of what I would repurchase and what I probably wouldn’t repurchase to give you a clearer idea of my absolute faves…

Would Repurchase

  • Original Pink Hand Food (part 2)

  • Butter Yourself Body Cream (part 1)

  • The Righteous Body Butter (part 3 )

  • Flake Away Body Polish (part 3)

  • Clean On Me Shower Gel (part 3)

  • Fizz-A-Ball Bath Bomb - Original Pink (part2)

Will Repurchase

  • Bubble in Paradise Body Wash (part 1)

  • The Daily Smooth Body Butter (part 2)

  • Sugar Crush Body Wash (part 3)

  • Sugar Crush Body Buttercream (part 3)

  • Call of Fruity Hand Food (part 1)

  • Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub (part 1)

  • Fizz-A-Ball Bath Bombs - Sugar Crush & Smoothie Star (part 2)

Wont Repurchase

  • Mist You Madly Body Spray (part 2)

  • Original Pink Body Spray (part 2)

  • Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em (part 2)

  • Spritz Me Quick Moisture Mist (part 3)

  • Sit Tight Saddlebags (part 3)

  • Up-Toned Girl Body Lotion (part 3)

Which are your most favourite Soap and Glory products? I know that there is still plenty more for me try out, and I cant wait to get to them. Remember that you can find any of the products mentioned in todays post as well as parts 1 & 2 at Boots and most of them if not all are on the 3 for 2 offer. Happy Shopping!

I hope you have enjoyed this mega haul series, expect to see more highstreet brands on the blog this Blogmas, and into the new year too.

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx