Soap and Glory Mega Haul: Part 1

I am so excited to share with you part 1, 2 and 3 of my Soap and Glory Mega Haul post as I have never used their products before, this is all completely new to me and its all thanks to you guys! I really am listening to your comments from the Survey you have all been taking part in, I shall be doing a dedicated post for it towards the end of Blogmas sharing ideas for the new year.

Some popular comments were that you wanted to see more Highstreet brands on the blog, so this is going to be the first of many, I’m going to be doing my research to bring you some great products that can easily be found in the shops and at great prices to match.

One of my favourite Instagrammer/Blogger’s (HayleyLouise) feed is filled with pretty pink photos, so girly and inviting, but in amongst those posts is the brand Soap and Glory. These beautiful photos inspired me to try the brand out for myself, the prices are fantastic and you can find them easily at Boots.

I have SO many products to share with you, so gear up for a very lengthy post. This is why I put a poll up on my Insta stories to see if you wanted one big post or a few. Thankfully, the biggest portion of you chose a few!

Anyway, enough blabbering, let’s get stuck in…

I’m going to group the products up in a way that makes sense (to me and hopefully you too!), but all S&G products seen except for the bath bombs were on special offer and I got them all in a bundle for £40, Bargain!

Bubble in Paradise Body Wash

I’m starting with my favourites! The Bubble in Paradise Body Wash was the very first item I tried out, and oh my goodness what a great way to be introduced to the brand. It smells delicious, like if I could eat it I would. It is quite a sweet scent with hints of mango and mandarin.

Although this is marketed as a body wash, I also use it as a bubble bath too. Works great as both! It has a very creamy, luxurious, pampering feel to it…leaving your skin smelling and feeling incredible.

Highly recommend, this 500ml bottle it costs only £6.50 - half a litre for under a tenner! You will not be disappointed.

Call of Fruity Hand Food

Here we have that same, sweet, delicate fruity scent from above only in hand cream form. First of all, I can’t get over the size of this tube, its 125ml! Plenty of hand cream there to keep you going for a long time.

It has a very light formula, a very smooth texture that doesn’t leave your hands feeling gross and greasy. Containing Vitamin E, this is going to be ultra hydrating for your hands, especially at this time of year when its super cold outside, and very warm and drying indoors with the heating blasting. Other impressive ingredients include marshmallow extract, shea butter and macadamia oil.

This tube of goodness costs £5.50.

Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub

This body scrub comes in a 250ml squeeze tube which I love, and it smells super refreshing, uplifting, very fruity indeed. In fact I would say even more so than the previous two items, those were much sweeter in scent.

It has a wonderful, generous foam to gently help massage those tiny pumice particles for a good old scrub! It leaves your skin feeling silky soft, smooth and wide awake.

There are some more fab ingredients in this badboy including peppermint oil and vitaminballs (A,C, and E).

This would cost just £8.

Butter Yourself Body Cream

This goes hand in hand with the above scrub as they are both very zesty and fruity. Although this cream is very rich, it’s not too heavy. I cannot be doing with thick, heavy cream that leave your skin feeling greasy and needing another bath/shower! This has a light consistency, almost whipped and I love it.

It has some great ingredients such as AHA’s, Shea Butter and peppermint oil. I love that even though prices are very reasonable, you are still getting well thought out products that are actually going to do your skin some good.

The Butter Yourself Cream comes in a 300ml tub and costs £10.

Ok, I’m going to call it a day with Part 1, I don’t want to overload you guys too much!

Overall I’m having a great time exploring this brand. I’ve been so pleasantly impressed with the products - they smell great, they feel great, and the packaging is really cute and pink. Prices are just incredible, so affordable especially considering you get very generous amounts.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3… if there are any products in today’s post that you would like to try out for yourself, please CLICK HERE to shop.

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow,

Love, Leanne Xx