Reflection by Emily Charlotte

*Contains PR Products*

I have a feeling you guys are going to love todays post because we are talking all things glitter!

Emily Charlotte is a makeup artist who has discovered a cosmetic glitter that doesn’t need glue, that is so finely cut that it is comfortable on eyes and lips, that looks incredible on the nails, all the while being cruelty free! Sounds too good to be true - but it isn’t! Reflection by Emily Charlotte is your one stop shop for all glitter.

I was excited to be contacted by a member of the Reflection team who were looking to send out some samples of the sparkle for me to try out on my nails. Todays post focuses on swatches of the three colours sent my way, but I will definitely be having a play to create some fun and funky designs too.

Turkish Delight

I’m starting with my absolute fave - Turkish Delight. Look how vibrant and sparkly it is! Although mainly a beautiful rich raspberry pink, there’s even bursts of blue, green, yellow - all the colours of the rainbow.

How to achieve this look:

  • I used a similar shade base colour to the glitter - Gem Stone Buzz by Leighton Denny

  • Applied a gel topcoat - not a no-wipe one, we need it to be sticky for the glitter. I used one by Kiki London. (You can use my code PolishedbyLeanne to save 10% off of your Kiki London shopping). Cure under the lamp for about a minute.

  • Using a sponge applicator, I gently pressed in Turkish Delight to completely cover the nail. If I missed any small holes it goes unnoticed because of the colour underneath. I found that pressing the glitters in rather than buffing them works best.

  • Next I used a no-wipe topcoat to seal all of those glitters in, and popped under the lamp again for a further minute.

I have used this same technique for each of the swatches in this post, although I did swap out the base colour to suit each glitter.

There was no graininess or unevenness, just a smooth sparkly manicure! I cannot begin to tell you just how pretty the glitter is, the photo just doesn’t do it justice.

To purchase Turkish Delight it would only cost you £4.25, but I do have a 15% off discount code which can be found near the end of this post.


This is just such a gorgeous shade of red, it’s almost golden and in some lights you can really see those copper hits peeking through. I feel like I captured it pretty well in this swatch…

For the base colour I used Siren by Barry M which is a pure deep red polish.

Again, this tub of Dorothy would only cost £4.25.

Diamond Reflection

Who doesn’t love a true holo glitter? That is exactly what you get with Diamond Reflection.

I used a black base colour - Black Forest by Barry M, as using a black base tends to help a silver holo reach its full potential, making all of the beautiful colours dazzle and twinkle away. I did two coats of glitter, repeating the process twice to try and disguise as much of the black underneath, but alas you can still see a few cheeky bits peeking through. Never mind, I still love the outcome haha!

To purchase it would cost the same as above - £4.25.

Which is your favourite colour from the swatches above?

There is a wide range of different colours on the Reflection by Emily Charlotte website, all at the same prices. If you would like to treat yourself with some of your Christmas money - you can use my code Leanne15 to save 15% off of your shopping.

Remember these are cosmetic grade glitters which means they aren’t just for nails, they are perfectly safe for the face too. You could have a little nosey at the blog on their website which will show you how other artists have used these products.

Thank you so much for reading, see you tomorrow

Love, Leanne Xx