Husband Does My Makeup Challenge

The hubby and I had a rare day off together where we didn’t need to be up and about running errands, so decided to have a laugh and try out the ‘Husband does my makeup’ challenge. This was his first time getting anywhere near makeup let alone applying it, so this is in no way, shape or form meant to be a serious post!

As Rob has absolutely no idea with this kind of thing, I helped him along very slightly by telling him what order I tend to do things in and giving a nod/shake of the head when choosing which brushes to use. The rest was down to him…

I loved that he picked the brightest palettes I own, including this Juvias Place one which I haven’t even used yet, but so delicately and softly applied it to the lids for a soft wash of colour… I feel like he was being careful near my eyes, a bit worried about getting too close to them. He dived straight in to that beautiful green colour in the middle there…

Next he tried to bob some pink on the lids but it wasn’t playing so well with the green so swiftly moved on to the liner.

He decided to do the liner on the lower lid, and actually handled applying my mascara like a pro! The hardest part for me about doing somebody’s makeup at work is their mascara, but Rob nailed it!

He told me that the eye makeup was the hardest part of the challenge.

Rob chose to give me a strong, black brow before moving onto foundation and concealer. He picked out my Pixi Glow Cake with the coral shades for blush and proceeded to pop on highlighter.

Then it was time for the lips! I didn’t know which way he was going to go with this, but luckily he decided to play it safe with a nice pink shade. Rob told me that doing the lips was the easiest part about my make-over.

I think he made me look a little evil! What do you think? For a first-timer I think he handled it all really well, and do you know what we had such a giggle! I think the whole process took a little over an hour, probably because we kept bursting out in laughter.

Rob is going to treat me to a manicure too for Blogmas, so make sure you tune in for that one haha! Do you think I should return the favour and give him a makeover & mani in the New Year? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading, see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne & Rob Xx