Guest Post by The Skin Series

There’s just so much that I love about this time of year, the gingerbread lattes, winter outfits, Christmas shopping & spending lots of time with loved ones & most of all... treating myself to new skincare products! 

I’m sure lots of you ladies will have already heard of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, it’s a classic product and has been around for a very long time. This lovely winter edition that I have purchased is called Liz Earle A Winter Rose Skincare Gift Set and I purchased it for £26.50 (150ml) from John Lewis. It’s got a beautiful scent of rose & cedar wood and it’s a beautiful cleanser to use at this time of the year. 

This is a product that I have been using since a teenager when I first started battling with breakouts and when I first began to discover my love of skincare. This has been what I would call one of my ‘go to products’ for so many years simply because it never lets me down. It always provides great results! 

It’s a really gentle cleanser and suits many different skin types from oily blemish prone skin like mine to really dry and thirsty skin. The cleanser comes in a pump style bottle and the size I usually purchase is the 100ml bottle for £16.50 which does last a long time so it is great value for money, it comes with 2 pure cotton cloths to polish off the cleanser. This cleanser also comes in a 200ml bottle for £26.50 and also a 30ml bottle for an amazing £6.50 which is fab if you just want to sample the cleanser for the first time or even take it away with you on your travels! 

If your hot cloths are eventually starting to look a little bit tired and muggy then you can buy alternative hot cloths / muslin cloths from most supermarkets, I have even picked them up for as little as £1 each from Home bargains and Primark – they do not have to be Liz Earle to do the trick!

This cleanser is a thick and creamy consistency and glides on the skin like a moisturiser (fellow oily girls do not be put off by this, the ingredients are all natural and will not aggravate those sebaceous glands I promise!). I squirt 2 pumps on to the tips of my fingers and rub together with my other hand to create a creamy paste, I then apply this all over my dry face and rub in circular motions for around 1-2 minutes, I like to give my face a mini massage with the cleanser and really work the cleanser deep into my pores, especially around my nose which is where I am often prone to breakouts and blackheads. Once I have worked the product into my skin I then soak one of my cotton cloths in warm water and then polish the cleanser off of my face in circular motions until every last bit is polished away. You will most likely already see the magic that the Cleanse and Polish has done once you begin polishing off the product, skin should look glowing in appearance and it will feel baby smooth! 

Once all the product has been polished off with the hot cloth I then splash my face with cold water to close my pores – this is a must as the warm water will have opened up your pores. 

One thing I love about this cleanser is that it contains all natural ingredients including cocoa butter, Rosemary extract, Chamomile extract, Eucalyptus essential oil, Hops extract and beeswax which are all super beneficial to your skin.

Once you have finished with your Cleanse & Polish then follow with your usual skincare routine. Liz Earle also have a variety of different Toners & Moisturisers depending on your skin type. I’m a huge fan of their Skin Boost Tonic and their light moisturiser which is suitable for my oily blemish prone skin. If you go along to a Liz Earle store or counter in a department store they are able to assess your skin and specific needs and help you establish a skincare routine. I always find the Liz Earle ladies really friendly and helpful.


Thank you for reading! 

 The Skin Series


 All products can be purchased from the Liz Earle website.