Guest Post by Nailandcreate

Maria has a beautiful Instagram feed with swatches and nail art to perfection! Make sure you give her a follow and keep up with her amazing work. Thank you Maria for taking the time to create 3 wonderful designs for Blogmas!

Red and Gold Dotticure

For this mani I used a gold polish - Golden Rose Color Expert No.69 - and a red polish with tiny gold glitters - Golden Rose Rich Color No.45. To make the dots I used a dotting tool (a tooth pick works well too) and first did the dots in the middle of the nail, top to bottom to get a good reference. Then I did the rest of the dots creating the polka dot design.

Red and White Candy Cane Nails

I used a creme white - Depend No.031 - as the base for two of the nails and a shimmery Christmas red - Depend 7day - on the rest. After the white base dried I used striping tape which I placed with different space between them to get different sized stripes. When all striping tape was put in place I painted the red polish over it and pulled the tape right off after. Finished off with top coat when the stripes had dried.

Christmas Tree Nails

For the base I used a white creme - Depend No.031 - on two nails and a shimmery green - Wikkid Polish, Forest - on the rest. After the base dried I used a striping tape to create a triangle on the two white nails. Then I painted inside the triangles with a small nail art brush (you can also use a dotting tool or even a toothpick for the narrowest part and the polish brush for the wider bit). After the triangles were all painted green I took the striping tape off. I then placed a little confetti star at the top of the tree and some red rhinestones at the sides for Christmas baubles. (The star and rhinestones can also be replaced with small dots of nail polish). Finished off with top coat.