Glitz and Glam by Leighton Denny Nails

*Contains PR products*

I am so excited to share with you all the newest launch from Leighton Denny Nails! Taking inspiration from Christmas and snow globes, they have come up with these wonderful and sparkly duos.

You will recognise one of the polishes - Vintage Chic, from the review I did on the Modern Bohemia collection. If you choose the duo including this particular polish, you will also get the rose gold/bronze glitter topper - Sweet Antique. The other duo includes Merry Maker and Silver Siren.

The idea behind the snowglobe effect glitters, is that you can shake them up lightly for a delicate shimmer topper, or shake them a little harder for a more intense sparkle. Very clever isn’t it? A completely new concept to me, I love it!

Sweet Antique and Vintage Chic

So here in the photos I have a new swatch of Vintage Chic, then with the two different glitter toppers. I decided to do this so you could get a feel of how they look mix and matched if you wanted to treat yourself to both duos, because really, who can pick just one out of the two?

On the pointer and middle finger I topped Vintage Chic with Silver Siren, on the pointer I gave the bottle a little shake for a light dusting of shimmer, then on the middle finger I shook the bottle a little harder for even more sparkle.

I used the same idea with Sweet Antique, so on the ring finger I’d given the bottle a little shake, and on the pinky I’d given the bottle a bigger shake.

Silver Siren and Merry Maker

Merry Maker is a new colour to my collection, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a lot deeper and darker than Vintage Chic, and almost looks black under certain lighting. It’s also a thicker formula to what I’m used to from Leighton Denny, and was the perfect opacity in just one coat.

This colour is teamed up with Silver Siren, but I have to admit that I prefer Sweet Antique over it. I know it’s just my own personal preference, but I’m thinking I’m going to like Silver Siren over a cooler toned shade, such as a blue or pink rather than a darker colour like Merry Maker and even Vintage Chic. Thats only my small opinion though!

For the photos I’ve done the same again, so on the ring and middle fingers I’ve popped on Silver Siren - the pointer has the lighter shake, the middle has the stronger shake. And on the ring and pinky I’ve used Sweet Antique - ring finger with the lighter shake, the pinky with the stronger shake.

I’m going to be playing around a lot more with these pretties, so keep an eye out here and over on Instagram to see more. What are your first thoughts though? Which is your favourite mix?

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx