Danglefoot Polishes: Swatch and Review

Danglefoot Nail Polish was the first brand of Indie that I ever came across and owned. Their polishes have always been gorgeous in quality and in colour too. Having said that, it has been a while since I made a purchase from the shop, and seeing how you guys suggested multiple times in my survey that you wanted to see more Danglies on the blog, I knew I had to make a purchase!

The three polishes that I have to share with you today came as a trio, I cant remember exactly how much I paid, but it was definitely under £20. Each polish is full size: 10ml. I also didn’t know what polishes to expect, this was a mystery box, which didn’t faze me in the slightest as I knew whatever arrived I would love.

Revenge is Sweet

Isn’t it beautiful?! This is a perfect choice for Christmas too. I only needed two coats for full and even colour, and I love how adding the second coat didn’t hide those cheeky bursts of glitter too much.

A great way to be re-introduced to the brand!

Tears of my Enemies

OK, this is my favourite of the three. I wish my photo could do it the justice it deserves as it doesn’t just appear green…oh no - it shifts to a deep blue-purple and those scattered holo flakies are so pretty!

Again only two coats were required for perfect cover. What more can I say, it’s pure perfection.

Show no Mercy

I’m wearing this one as I’m typing away at this post. Its another shifty polish that shows up only green in my photos. ‘In real life’ however it looks black in some lights, magenta in others, and green in the other-other lights! No matter which way it’s leaning though it looks stunning, and has a pretty twinkle with those micro glitters too.

To repeat myself for the final time today, this only took two coats for that nice and even finish.

Overall I’m over the moon with my purchase, and it’s reminding me of why I fell in love with indie polish in the first place. There is something so special, and unique about buying handmade polishes, and I must begin to increase my collection come 2019. Danglefoot nail polish is certainly on that list, and should be on yours too!

Thank you for reading, and see you Boxing Day for my next Blogmas post. I wish you all the Merriest of Christmases!

Love, Leanne Xx