Barry M's Glitzmas!

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How exciting to be collaborating with Barry M again. I really enjoyed Barryween, but now that December has rolled round, it’s time for Glitzmas!

You may have already seen these on Instagram, but I love to share them here too, with a bit more detail in the writing so you can always recreate them for yourselves.

Let’s get stuck in then…

Candle Design

OK guys, I’m going to be completely honest with you - I’m not loving how this particular design turned out but I spent far too much time on it to delete it. I think it’s the yellow throwing me off, as even though it’s one of the only yellow polishes that I actually like, I just don’t think it was the right choice for this particular look.

Moving on…

To create this look, here are the steps I took:

  • Start with a basecoat

  • Apply two coats of Lemon to the outer fingers, and Holographic Flare to the middle two, allow to dry

  • Using Lina’s Cant wait for Xmas!02 and Cotton, pick up the stripe print on your stamper and place over the two Holographic Flare nails

  • Next, apply two coats of Majestic Sparkle over the nails wearing Lemon, allow to dry

  • The swirly tree and reindeer print is also from the Lina plate, and I used Black Forest to stamp with

  • Now it’s time to do what I do best - reverse stamp! Pick up the candle image from the Beauty Big Bangs Plate (BBB-06), colour it in whilst still on the stamper - I used Cotton, Siren and Lemon for this, then transfer onto the chosen nail

  • Seal everything in with a topcoat!

Bauble Design

This is more like it, isn’t it?! I LOVE how these turned out, the colours work so well together and I feel like the two prints look good together too.

If you would like to recreate, here is what I did:

  • Apply base coat

  • Use two coats of Venom on the outer nails and allow to dry

  • Apply two coats of Cotton to the inner two nails and allow to dry

  • Time to reverse stamp using the Lina and Beauty Big Bang plates from before (I’ve used the same two plates for each design in todays post)

  • Pick up the bauble from the BBB plate using Black Forest - the Barry M polishes stamp extremely well - then colour in using Siren, Holographic Flare and Masquerade and allow to dry. Use a clear polish and paint over the bauble - allow to dry

  • Now on another stamper, pick up the multiple tree design from the Lina plate, colour in, I used Holographic Flare, allow to dry and paint over it with a clear polish, allow to dry again

  • Whilst your reverse stamping is drying, seal in the nails wearing Venom with a topcoat

  • Time to peel off the prints from the stampers, obviously take one at a time and place onto desired nails, sealing them in with your topcoat

Gosh! Typing out the steps makes it seem so much more daffy than it actually is!

Santa Design

This is my ultimate favourite design I whipped up for Glitzmas. It’s just so cute - look at Santa’s little face haha! Very cheery, very festive, and very traditional.

To try this look out for yourself, here’s what to do:

  • Apply your base coat

  • Use two coats of Siren on the thumb, pointer and middle fingers. Allow to dry

  • Pop on two coats of Silver Lining onto the ring and pinky fingers. Allow to dry

  • Next take Ruby Slipper and paint one coat over nails wearing Siren and watch them transform!

  • Use Black Forest and the Lina stamping plate for the Santa text design and stamp straight onto desired nail, I chose the pinky so that my Santa face got more room

  • Use the same reverse stamping technique for the face, I used Black Forest and the BBB plate for the outline, then coloured in with Siren, Cotton, Holographic Flare and a cheeky non Barry M polish for the flesh tone

  • Once you’re happy, seal everything in with your top coat

Holly Design

My nails are a touch longer for the next two photos, I had a break to one of the nails which I wasn’t happy about and had to file the rest down. First world problems I know.

I’ve used the same techniques throughout, a bit of reverse stamping here, a bit of simple stamping there, so my apologies if I’m repeating myself too much! I just want it to be super easy for you to follow along if you so wished.

Here’s what you need to do for this look:

  • Apply base coat

  • Use two coats of Holographic Flare on the thumb, pointer and middle fingers and allow to dry

  • Pop on two coats of Cotton on the ring and pinky fingers, allow to dry

  • Using Black Forest and the Lina plate, pick up the Merry Christmas text and place straight onto your chosen nail

  • Reverse stamp the Holly design onto the next nail, again I used Black Forest and the Lina stamping plate for the outline, and coloured in with Matcha and Siren

  • Seal everything in with your top coat

Snowman Design

Here is another favourite of mine - how cute is the skating snowman though?

I know by now that you know exactly what to do, but we’ve made it this far - insert the bullet points!

  • Apply base coat

  • Pop on two coats of Siren to the first lot of nails, then two coats of Holographic Flare to the last two

  • Using Cotton and the snowflake print from the Lina plate, transfer straight onto desired nail and add a light coat of Diamond Glitter for a bit of sparkle

  • Reverse stamp the cheeky skating snowman onto your preferred nail. I used the BBB plate along with Black Forest for the outline, then coloured in using Cotton, Siren and Matcha

  • Seal everything in once dry with your top coat

There we go guys, my five designs for Barry M’s Glitzmas. What do you think and which are your favourites?

I would love to see your recreations so please tag me over on Instagram if you decide to do any. Also, as a little sidetone, remember that when shopping with Beauty Big Bang you can use my code - LEANNE - to save 10% off your orders.

Thank you so much for reading, see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx