The Barry M Crackle Effect is Back

*Contains PR Products*

You read it right - The Barry M Crackle Effect is back, for a limited time only. Today we are taking a little trip back down memory lane, and bringing the best selling crackle effect nail polish back to life!

To be 100% honest with you, it was never a trend that I fell on board with, my nails really weren’t that nice back then so what was the point? But I do remember seeing the black and grey crackled nails in all the glossy magazines and thinking how cool they looked.

Barry M have recently released their crackle polish again only this time with a twist - this one is a beautiful metallic silver (I only remember a black version? I could be wrong…), which transforms your plain painted nails into something extra special. It’s one of the easiest nail art hacks! Nail art in a bottle, you can’t go wrong…

Here is my first try, not too bad but I think I was too light - handed on the first two fingers. You can definitely still make out the special effect though and I have to say that I’m loving the sparkly silver over that beautiful bright pink (Pomegranate also by Barry M).

All you have to do is make sure that your base colour is completely dry, then add one swift sweep of this badboy on top. Watch the crackles begin to appear then allow to dry; next go ahead and add your top coat. Jobs a good one!

Here it is over the top of Black Forest by Barry M. It definitely looks more effective over the top of a darker base in comparison to the pink above.

As mentioned before, this polish is only available for a limited time only and as it’s priced at just £3.99 I don’t think it’s going to be hanging around for too long anyway. This product along with many of the others by Barry M is Vegan, as you’re browsing online look at for the little green stamp of approval.

Keep an eye out over Instagram as I’m going to be trying this over different colours to see which I like best.

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow

Love, Leanne Xx