What I think of The Power of Makeup Palette by Too faced

With my birthday money I treat myself to a palette that I'd been eagerly waiting for for months after seeing sneaky peeks on Snapchat and Instagram. I've never previously owned anything by Too faced before but I was drawn to this product mainly because I'm a fan of Nikkie Tutorials who created this with the brand, and also because it looked super cute! I'd heard great things about Too Faced so I knew to expect nothing but perfection!

Since receiving this product it's been used on a working day basis (I don't bother with makeup at home) and I've loved playing with it. I haven't worn all of the eyeshadows yet, but  have swatched them for this post on the back of my wrist. My favourites have to be Ivy, the matte white (base) and Sugar Coated, the sparkly pink. I've also used it as a highlighter, but I'll talk more about that later... 

I think it's fab that there is a colour in here for every occasion, you have your nude, neutral shades, pastels, and then super bright fun ones too. The shade Wanted is perfect for smokey eyes, and as a liner too. So you are covered for work, parties, holidays, you name it!

The two blushers are really pretty, I particularly like the pink, Justify my Love. There is also a soft coral blush included too, but as a redhead, I feel like I end up looking a bit like a...well...carrot haha! I've seen in Nikkie's YouTube posts that they can be used on the eyes too, so very versatile!

Also within the palette is a soft bronzer, it's highly pigmented so you don't need to use a lot, this can be used to warm the face, for contouring, and around the eyes.  

Now we come to the highlighter...and I have to say that I was most disappointed with this! Nikkie is known for being the queen of highlighter, and I expected so much more. This really disappears into my skin, there's minimal glow, and it just feels flat to me. I ended up using the eyeshadow Sugar Coated over the top for more of a pop.

All powders with the exception of the highlighter are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way! I've found everything so far to blend very easily too. 

So that's the palette... but you also receive a few other goodies for your money! Tucked away in a separate pouch within the gift box you'll find a mini Better than Sex mascara in purple, a pot of glitter, an eye primer, and an eyeliner in black. 

The primer is great, I find it to prevent creasing, and to also keep the eyeshadow in place all day long.  The mascara is very funky! I tend to just use it on the bottom lashes for a bit of a change every now and again. 

I'm not overly fond of putting glitter on my face, but this pot isn't bad! The glitter is very fine and I didn't think it was too messy either. I used a small amount over my eyeshadow and it really did look quite pretty! It really picks up the light and shines a rainbow of colours.

The eyeliner is really easy to use too, it has such a sharp point to it to really create the finest line you need, I even tried wings with this badboy, and it looked alright to say it was my first attempt haha! 

Overall I've been really happy with this palette, I think the price of £50 (approx) wasn't too bad seeing as you get all the little extras, and it's a limited edition... The colours are gorgeous and easy to wear, I think it's one that everyone can fall in love with.

Did you buy this palette? What are your thoughts on it? 

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx