Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

If you follow Jeffree Star on any of his social medias, you will have seen the huge excitement surrounding his collaboration with Jouer Cosmetics, a wonderful little creation of Sweet Tooth - a pink and glittery lip topper. 

Personally I was super giddy for this new release, and made sure I ordered it as soon as it was available. I picked mine up from Beauty Bay where it is limited to two bottles per person. 

I really enjoyed all of the advertising around it, anything sweet and sugary appeals to me. Although I have many purchases from the Jeffree Star collection, Jouer had been on my list of brands to try for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity, I'd be getting the best of both...


Sweet Tooth Lip Topper

Sweet Tooth, Jeffree Star and Jouer

The first thing you notice when you receive your very own Sweet Tooth is the cute packaging. It's super pink and girly, and there's a perfect combination of Jouer and Jeffree branding. I love the component it's in, very sleek and stylish.

Onto the lip topper itself, what a lot of sparkle! The twinkly glitters transfer really well onto the lip too, it's not one of those products that looks super glittery in the bottle but then looks super drab on the lip. It has a hint of hot bright pink pigment along with the sparkle, so it does actually look great over a naked lip if you don't fancy wearing a lippy underneath. 

Another thing you are sure to notice is the scent. Oh my gosh, it smells wonderful! So, so sweet, it makes your mouth water! If you don't particularly like to wear products on your face that has a strong scent, this may not be for you as long after application you can still get a cheeky whiff of the sweetness. I love this, but I know it's not for everyone.


Longevity of Wear

So I've seen a few people grumbling about how this is meant to be long lasting and that it's not... I can't find anywhere where it says that it's meant to be, which to be fair is good because you will definitely need to top up during the day. Having said that, I tend to only need to reapply once, if I pop this on on a morning before work, it will stay on and last me until lunch when I reapply, then it will carry me on through until I get home hours later. 

I find that if it is worn over a lippy, the pink hue might start to disappear after a few hours wear, but the sparkly glitters will remain, which still looks pretty because of the lippy underneath. My new favourite thing is to wear this over Jeffree Star's Summer Chrome Lip Ammunition in Skin Tight, this is a very light nude colour which doesn't suit me very well, but adding a coat of Sweet Tooth over top makes it look so pretty and gives me a lot more confidence to wear a lighter lip.


Would I Recommend it?

Yes! Of course!

I think the price (£13.50) is totally reasonable as you will find yourself gravitating to the product and using it on a daily basis. I love that it is made with Coconut and Jojoba oils, I love that it isn't sticky or gloopy like a lipgloss but it still gives you the look, the high shine of a lipgloss, and most of all I love the glitter! Ahhh the glitter! It's a true holo glitter too - you get all the colours of the rainbow with this little beauty. 

It will also give your old lipstick collection a new lease of life as one quick swipe over top with this badboy will completely transform and revive your other products.

If you decide to treat yourself to Sweet Tooth, it is good to know that all profits are donated to a great cause - the Los Angeles LGBT Centre, here they are working together to build a world where LGBT people will thrive as respected, healthy, and equal members of society. 


Have you tried this product yet? Is it on your list? 

Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx