Putty Highlighter?!

After watching reviews by Jeffree Star and Laura Lee, I had to try out the Stila Heavens Hue Highlighters. They looked so completely different to anything I have ever tried before, but they also looked so beautiful. 


Colour Range

At the moment there are three choices of colour with the putty highlighters, I chose Kitten which is a soft pink toned nude and Transcendence which is a pink to lilac shift. There is also Bronze which I decided not to go for as I am really pale and didn't think it would suit me very well. 

My favourite colour has to be Transcendence, it is so very pretty, I'm a sucker for pink. I love the colour shift too, under some lights it looks pink, and under others, lilac. I always receive such lovely compliments on my makeup when wearing this.

Both the shades I went for have great colour payoff, they translate perfectly to the skin and one quick sweep to the cheeks is enough. But, if you're a highlighter addict like me, you will want to do layer after layer, and you really can with this product as it is so weightless....




This is going to be a tricky one! I can tell you right off the bat that the formula is the best I've tried so far...it's weightless, non tacky, non powdery, its....perfect!

The putty highlighter is hard to describe as its somewhere between a powder and cream, its soft to the touch, but once swept across the cheek it has the feel of a very finely milled powder.

If you were to apply to the bare skin you would literally not feel like you were wearing any makeup, its that light. 

I was super happy to see that this product and brand is cruelty free too, swapping out my beauty and cosmetic products over the past year or so is something I've worked very hard on, so it's great to see favourite brands sticking to their cruelty free status. 



I have to admit (and I probably have before) that packaging really draws me in to buying a product, and sometimes this has led me astray ... click HERE to see... but the Heavens Hue Highlighter by Stila has it all, great packaging and great product within. 

These highlighters come in a weighty gold case, feels very luxurious and looks so pretty amongst your collection. Once opened you find a decent sized mirror for when you're on the go, and the product itself is shaped into a small dome.


Stila Heavens Hue Highlighters



Each highlighter costs £28, which is fairly pricey but only a couple of pound more than what I pay for my Jeffree Star highlighters. All I can say is that it's worth it. You are paying for a quality product that is going to give you great results. It's a fab treat to yourself or others. 

There is 10g of product in each compact so its going to last you a good long while, even if you use quite a lot in one go like I do! 


Final thoughts

I think you can probably tell from my review that I absolutely adore these highlighters. I always feel really pretty and glowy when I wear them, and I love the different texture of the putty formula. These are well worth the hype!

Have you tried these highlighters? What did you think? Can you recommend any other Stila products or putty highlighters? Drop me a quick message in the comments!

Thank you as always for reading

Love, Leanne Xx