Rainbow Dreams Brush Cleaner by Swirl and Sparkle

One of my favourite guilty pleasures is popping onto Beauty Bay and hitting the Whats New button. A couple of weeks ago this Swirl and Sparkle brush cleaner appeared and it looked so cute, and so appealing that I knew I had to have it. 

For the longest time I've been using the Real Techniques gel cleaner, I go through so many bottles of the stuff, it really doesn't seem to last me two minutes. I wondered if this could be a great new alternative?

First Thoughts

To be completely honest, my first thought was - this is a little pricey! It cost Β£20 and the tub contains 57g of product. I also noticed how cute the packaging and product was, I love the pastel rainbow design and the label is just adorable. 

When it arrived the first thing I wanted to do was smell it - and oh boy does it smell good! Mouthwatering in fact. I love anything that smells sweet. 

I had quite a few brushes waiting to be cleaned, so I grabbed a couple of towels, a cup of warm water, my new cleaner and got to work! 

It was so surprisingly quick to do, I had maybe around 30 brushes to clean and it took me less than half the time it normally would. I was worried that cleaning this many brushes in one go would completely eat up the contents of the tub, but it hardly even left a dent. Β£20 doesn't seem so bad now as this bad boy is going to last me a good lot of cleaning sessions! 

Tell me more...

The Rainbow Dreams cleaner is so simple to use. As mentioned before, all you will need is a couple of clean towels, a glass of water, and of course your dirty brushes. Dip your brush into the water, begin to swirl around in the tub, then rinse away in the water. If the makeup on your brush is being stubborn and clinging to those hairs, use the pretty crystal attached to the inside of the lid. This will help to agitate the dirt and gently remove it upon your next swirl! 

After you have rinsed off the cleaner from the brush, gently squeeze out the excess water with one of the towels and leave to dry. Let the contents of the tub and the lid dry to one side, then pop the lid back on ready for next time.  

There are three different scents to choose from over on Beauty Bay, obviously I can't comment on those scents as I haven't tried them....yet. Rainbow Dreams consists of 5 different coloured layers, each with their own scent. The top layer (pink) starts with toasted marshmallow, which then moves into the purple which is tropical oasis, into the blue which is coconut manderin, into green which is passion melon, and finally at the bottom of the tub is gold - peaches and cream. I'm looking forward to breaking through each layer as they all sound so yummy, my brushes are going to smell amazing haha! 

It is made with Goats milk, Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Palm oil, Oat conditioner and glycerin.


Final thoughts

I have to say that even though I am easily impressed, this product has been one of my best buys of the year so far, I love it! I cant believe how quick and easy it is to use, it smells absolutely delicious, and my brushes dried super quick in comparison to how they normally do when I clean them with the Real Techniques gel. I feel like it is much better value for money as I'm not using as much product per cleaning session, it's just overall a wonderful and handy item to have in your collection! 


Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx