Pink Fizz Eye Palette from I Heart Makeup

A little while ago I had a big splurge on I heart Makeup products from Superdrug. All the items were on 3 for 2, but also at really great prices. I've previously come across this brand over on Instagram for their Unicorn Heart rainbow highlight, but also they are quite well known to produce items very similar to higher priced brands, and today's review is a great example of that, the Pink Fizz eyeshadow palette.

This eyeshadow palette reminds me of something Too Faced has/would release. However, the cost is better than half the price of Too Faced products, so how could I resist? 

Colour Selection

So this palette consists of 16 shadows, 3 of which are matte, the remaining 13 are shimmer/metallic shadows. All of the shades are fairly similar, very neutral and perfect for everyday use, with a cheeky pop of colour using blue shades 'Celebrate' and 'France'.

I've been playing around with different looks this week using this palette, and have managed to try out most the colours. What I've noticed is that there is an inconsistency with the pigmentation in each of the shades. Some perform really well, some are good but need a little bit of building up, and some...well, some don't really work very well at all. 

I found that using a primer makes sure that you get the very best out of the shadows, I used a small dot of my Shape Tape over the eyelids before applying and it really helped the colours to stand out. 

I also noticed that some of the shadows performed better using the sponge applicator know the ones we normally chuck away haha! Some worked perfectly with your normal fluffy brush, some with a more densely packed brush too. 

Maybe it would be best to list the colours, and let you know how I felt each performed...

Champers - This is one of the matte shades, it is a light creamy shade, perfect for using all over the lid if you are fair skinned like me. Using a shade like this will help to blend any other colours you choose to work with whilst also creating the perfect blank canvas. I'm so happy that the brand decided to make this pan double the size as I'm going to be using it the most! 

Drink - Drink is a very light beige-nude which I love to work into the crease. It is a matte shadow and doesn't take a lot of building up to reach its potential. 

Flute - This is a rose-gold shimmer shadow which I haven't yet used on the eye. When swatched it does have a metallic feel to it - but it's very light. I feel like this one may be best used in the centre of the lid or even in the corner as a highlight.

Sparkling - Sparkling is very similar to flute, though I would describe it as more of a pink toned shimmer and a touch lighter too.

Toast - Just like the previous two, toast is a shimmery-metallic shadow that may need a little bit of building up. This one is more of a golden shade, slightly deeper than flute and sparkling. 

Bubbles - Here is a shimmery white, which I'm always pleased to find in a palette. I used this under the brow and in the corner of the eye to highlight, but also on the lower lash line close to the corner to brighten the look. This could also look quite nice as a highlight for the cheeks...

Girl - This is another shimmery-metallic shadow that will need a little bit of building up. It is a deep pink colour, and I feel like all of these shimmer-metallic colours are best used with a densely packed brush or the sponge applicator provided. If you use a fluffy brush the colour just seems to disappear into the skin. 

Party - Party is a golden orange shimmer that has great pigmentation, out of all the shimmers mentioned so far, this definitely has the most colour payoff. I like to blend this one into the crease with Drink, just to start deepening the look up. 

Elegant - Here is a bronze shimmer-metallic shadow, I also enjoyed using this in the crease. It has great pigmentation, very little building up required, very easy to use.

Celebrate - I love this metallic blue shadow! I used this in the photos below, It does need a little building up and works best with a dense packing brush or sponge applicator. The colour applies to the skin just how you see it in the palette, for me, it didn't fade away to nothing when blending in. 

Truffle - This is a dark brown with slight shimmer. I like to use this in the outer corner of the eye to create a shadow, but also along the outer lower lash line. Very pigmented, minimum build up needed.

Rosy - This pink shimmer shadow could have been left out of the palette in my opinion, I was really excited to work it into a look seeing as how I love pink, but unfortunately it just didn't perform. Very patchy, barely any pigmentation, not a great shadow...

Cork - Another deep brown perfect for the outer corner of the eye. Great pigmentation. 

Pop - This is the deepest brown shadow in the palette, it's matte, very pigmented and works great on the outer corners of the eye and along the lower lash line. 

France - I used this is the photos below too, I used it on the outer corner of the eye. It was very pigmented and didn't need a lot of work, but I did feel that it turned more grey/black than blue, that could be down to how it mixed with Celebrate, but I still enjoyed how it turned out. 

Pink Fizz - Another pink shimmer that I'm quite disappointed with. Lacking in pigment, patchy, not worth the double pan that they've put it in I'm afraid...

Final thoughts and overall opinion

Even though there are a few dud shadows in the palette, and there's not an awful lot of pink other than the packaging, I'm actually really loving it! You honestly can't complain when the cost of the product is less than a tenner - £7.99 to be exact - and then on 3 for 2 from Superdrug

I've been getting so much use out of it this week and have created some really nice neutral eye looks, along with a more glam look in the photos above. I paid more for the Models Own Celestial Palette, and it was nowhere near the quality of this one by I Heart Makeup. 

I found that the shadows blended very well together, even when adding shades from other brands. 

The packaging is super cute, and it actually feels more expensive than it was. I love that they included a full size mirror, making this palette perfect for on the go. 

All in all I would say that I absolutely recommend the Pink Fizz Palette, it's a great addition to your collection, not to mention very Instagram worthy! 

I won't give much away as I plan on doing more posts on this brand, but I have to say that everything I have tried from them so far have been superb, especially considering the low price points. 

Have you got this product? What do you think of it? 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx