Morphe 35c Matte Colour Palette

I had to dedicate a post to a palette that I am really enjoying lately - the Morphe 35c matte colour palette. I came across this on BeautyBay a little while back, and after hearing some of my favourite YouTubers talk about this brand, I knew I'd be crazy to not give it a go. For 35 beautiful colours it costs a mere £22.50. I have come to realise that this particular palette is out of stock, but hopefully it will come back soon.

This palette has such a great choice of colours, and I love how it also includes some everyday, neutral shades too. From bright pinks and purples to leafy greens, you can create so many different looks. The colours are all matte as well which I am enjoying greatly, there's not a hint of sparkle or glitter, so again it makes it so easy to use.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of product, I was expecting powdery, low pigment shades, but no! They are so soft and silky and the colour pay off is incredible. They blend really well too. 

I still need to try this out for myself, but you can actually use these colours with a wet brush to use as liners. It's crazy just how far you can take this palette for such a low price! 

Have any of you guys tried out a Morphe palette? Do you have this one? Drop me a comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx