Models Own Celestial Collection: My Review

I was really in two minds on whether or not to do a post for this collection, as I try to only write about products that I've used and loved, you keep this space helpful but positive at the same time. However, I spent a lot of money as I went all in and added the lot to my basket, so I felt like I was in my rights to share with you guys my thoughts. This collection, for me, was a huge flop. There. I said it. I'm Sorry!

I've kept the nail polishes out of this post as they are actually beautiful, as with all Models Own nail polishes, I love them and they will get a post of their very own. Which will be more positive. I promise! 


Enchanted - Eyeshadow Palette

Such pretty, soft, delicate colours. These are going to look great! Right? Wrong.

I struggled so badly to get any kind of colour on my skin, the pigment is just not there. Even the darker shades really need building up. I found that I had to keep dipping back in and adding more and more and get the picture. The pans are only quite small, so with this carry on, they aren't going to last too long either. 

Let me see what good I can say.... the palette looks cute, and I love the full size mirror. 

For just short of £15, I expected more.

Phew. Next!


Chrome Lip Toppers

There's a choice of two colours here. Stardust and Rose Comet. The first being more of a silvery white base with purple and blue colour shifting glitters, the second being more of a peachy pink with golden shimmers. 

I LOVED these when first popped them on the lips. Oh yes! Very mermaid-y, very Unicorn-y.

After about half an hour, if that, my lips were drier than a moth sandwich and looked crusty as.

These are good for a quick Instagram selfie, but not much more. These were £7.99. Each. 

 Celestial Face Glitter Kits

Again, there's a choice of two colours. Everything inside the kits are exactly the same, except for one pot of glitter. In one kit there is blue, in the other, white. 

I didn't mind these kits and actually I created a look recently using one of the glitters along the cheek bone. It went on nice and easy, and came off just as easily. 

The stencils provided didn't really work for me. I even asked Rob to help, but nope, we just ended up with a patch of glitter each time, even after following instructions. I guess if you are a festival go-er, you could use some sort of body paint/face paint first then dab some of this glitter on after.... 

These kits are probably the best part of the makeup within the celestial collection. They're pretty, easily applied (not with the stencils!) and easily removed. They cost £8.99 each. 


Lip Glitter Kits

There's a choice of 5 glitters here. They're all really pretty. In the pots...

What a mess on the lips though! Also, the glitter ended up on my teeth too. Sexy. If you follow instruction, like I did, you apply the glue to clean, dry lips. Well... I found it to be super patchy, I suppose you could keep topping up but I just ended up with it all over the place. 

I think if I was to give it another go, I'd use a lippy first, let it dry, then just dab the glue along the centres of the lip rather than going full cover. 

These cost £6.99 each.


Let's Conclude

Well if I had to sum up this collection into one word, it would be 'disappointing'. 

I was so excited to place my order after seeing all of the adverts before hand and people trying it all out, but gosh, I just didn't get the results I was hoping for!

Models Own too! I expect a lot from this brand after always being so overwhelming happy with all of their polishes. Maybe makeup just isn't their thing...

I know a lot of younger girls buy from this brand too, if I was 10, OK 20 years younger and I'd saved up my pocket money for any of these products I'd have been gutted. In fact at my age now, having spent over £100 on these I'm gutted. 

So I'm sorry to be such a downer, and I know it's not like me, but I just had to be honest. I could've not bothered to post, but like I said before, I spent a lot of money here to be so badly disappointed from a brand I expect so much more from. 

My next Models Own post will be so much better I promise! The polishes to match this collection are beautiful and that's why I felt they need their own post. 

Have you purchased anything from this collection? Did it work for you? Let me Know!

Thank you for reading,

Leanne Xx