My First Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I have been watching Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel for a long time now, along with Manny MUA's and I was so excited to try out his makeup even though I had heard such mixed reviews. But you don't really know until you try for yourself do you? So I popped onto Beauty Bay and ordered myself the Beauty Killer Palette. I was instantly hooked and use it every single makeup day!

I love all the colours, though I will probably struggle to use 'Expensive' (the bright blue), this is the only colour in the palette that I don't think is for me. The most used so far and I will more than likely hit pan with first are: 'China White' which I use as my base, 'Courtney' which I use in the crease, and 'Princess' which I love for the inner corners of the eye. 'Princess' is also fab when used with a wet applicator for the lid. Using this palette has encouraged me to be more playful and creative with my makeup, some days I'll even use 'Star Power' the bright pink in the crease for a brighter, fun look. 

The formula is so easy to work with, even for novices such as myself. They blend flawlessly, and apply ever so smoothly. I do get a tiny bit of fallout, but the pans are so generous that they will still definitely last a good while. 

Imagine my excitement when the Jeffree X Manny collab was announced! On the release day I loaded up the Beauty Bay website half an hour early and sat waiting and refreshing until they would appear on screen. But oh no! The website or maybe it was my iPad or internet connection, crashed on me… I missed out! Gutted.

Luckily enough I had tickets for the Manchester meet and greet, you can read about my experience HERE and here they were selling the full box set consisting of 'Eclipse' the highlighter, 'Daddy' the liquid lip and 'I'm Shook' another liquid lip. I snapped it up straight away, and even got it signed. 

Eclipse is such a pretty highlighter, it's a soft golden colour that can be built up for an even more blinding look. I even think it suits my pale complexion, but I bet it would look stunning on tanned or darker skin tones. 

I love the packaging, from the embossed moon and star in the product itself, to the full size mirror  which is handy for travelling with. 

I'll talk about all of the liquid lips later as I've grouped them together in my swatch photo, but for now let me show you another highlighter which I've fallen in love with, 'Princess Cut'...

I use this particular highlighter the most. I'm a sucker for pink! But seriously, it is stunning and blinding with little effort from application. Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to trying out more colours, but there has been an offer and Beauty Bay and all the colours I wanted to try have sold out, waaah! I can wait. 

The formula for both highlighters are very smooth, and I haven't experienced any fallout from them myself. I find that Princess Cut is more dramatic than eclipse, and obviously more pinky and cool toned as supposed to the warm golden Eclipse. 

Lets have a look at the liquid lips ....

This photo shows my small collection, soon to be bigger, completely dry and with one quick swipe. I love them all so much, they are different from what I'd normally wear, colours and formula. I thought that a matte finish would make my lips look dry, but they don't. I've had so many lovely compliments too wearing each of these bad boys.

Here is 'Daddy' and 'I'm Shook'. They both look quite dark on me as I'm very pale, but I really enjoy how they look. I can ease up on the eyes so that the lips can be the statement. Daddy has to be my favourite of the two. 

So front to back here is Sagittarius, Chrysanthemum and Rose Matter. These are a lot lighter toned or cooler toned should I say, and they all look fab. Out of these three I think Sagittarius has to be my favourite, just because it's so different.

They all dry to the same colour as what you see in the tube, and they are very easy to apply. The applicator is shaped with a little curve, which does make it easier.

Well that's it for my Jeffree Star collection so far, probably much smaller than what some of you guys have, if you have any suggestions for other products please leave them in the comments below. I know a few of you have mentioned the Ice Cold and Lavender highlighters on my Instagram, but please keep them coming! I'd love to know what you enjoy using from his collection. 

Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx