I Tried to Follow a Pony Syndrome Makeup Tutorial

This has been a trend floating around Youtube, but seeing as though I haven't got myself up and running over there yet, I decided to do it through a blog post! Pony Syndrome is a popular South Korean makeup artist who has a Youtube channel that I'm completely addicted to. She recently created a Tropical Makeup Look that I fell in love with, and I knew I wanted to recreate it ASAP!

Although I had none of the same products used, missed out the false lashes, and decided against the face painting part of the look, I still think I did a pretty decent job! I love the mix of colours, and it really feels like the perfect summertime makeup look. Here is Pony's finished look, and I'll pop my recreation up later...

Pony Syndrome

Following Pony's steps was a challenge, as my daily makeup steps are completely different. I usually do brows and eyes first, then follow with foundation, but to follow the tutorial properly, it was foundation first, eyes after! Another thing that threw me was that she didn't use a primer, so skipping that step was a bit against the grain, but hey-ho! 

Let's start a step-by-step list of how to create this look for yourself...

1) Start by applying your foundation thinly with a flat (foundation) brush from the centre of the face working it slightly outwards. Then take a makeup sponge and blend out for a flawless finish. Repeat this step. Pony explains that building up thin layers of foundation helps to make it last longer throughout the day. I used the Stila Stay all Day Foundation in Porcelain 0.

2) Pony then applies a small amount of concealer under the eye area where she plans to do the face painting later. I skipped this step.

3) Next its time to powder, I used my trusty Banana powder by W7

4) Brow time! My least favourite part of any makeup look as it's the most challenging for me. Never mind looking like sisters, they always turn out like cousins twice removed! Anyway, I sucked it up and instead of reaching for my powder and stencils, I grabbed my Studio 10 brow pencil which only comes in one (one colour fits all) shade. I gently pencilled over my brows and quickly combed through to blend and remove excess product. As you can imagine, they turned out nowhere near as good as Pony's, but a good effort in any case haha! 

5) The next step is to shade the face using a light ash-brown eye shadow, I used Berry Mousse out of The Douce palette by Juvias Place, gently shading near the eyes and nose to connect them, down the nose and under the bottom lip. If you watch the video, this step will make more sense...

6) Now its for the fun part! The eye makeup. Here Pony uses a yellow eyeshadow, placing it near the inner corner of the eye, blending slightly towards the centre of the lid. I used the Morphe 35c palette which has a beautiful bright canary yellow shade.

7) Where the yellow stops, she then begins to blend a bright coral colour and takes it across the rest of the lid. Again I used the Morphe 35c palette, choosing the brightest coral shade within. Blend this coral colour along the lower lash line too.

8) Next Pony's uses a deeper red to intensify the look. She takes it along the crease, blending it under the lower lash line over the coral. I used The Zulu palette by Juvias Place for this, choosing the darkest red colour it has. 

9) Time to line the eyes, she uses a brown eye pencil here, but as I don't own one, I just used a deep brown eyeshadow (Chocolat from The Douce palette by Juvias Place) with a liner brush. Pony gently lifts the eyelid and applies the liner under the upper lash line, I've seen Youtubers do this before and it really scares me haha! But I gave it a go, and actually it wasn't as bad as I thought, plus it makes the eyes look so much better as you don't get that line of bare skin between your mascara and liner. 

10) Now she curls her lashes and adds falsies, this is another step I skipped...

11) To finish the eyes pop on a Mascara, I've been loving the Pixi Lash Booster Mascara lately

12) Next up Pony uses a rosey-peach colour as blush, I used my favourite Milani blush palette in Pink Play

13) This next step is another that I most enjoy about applying makeup, highlighter! She uses an orange highlighter sweeping it across the tops of the cheeks. I used Lyra out of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Aurora Palette as it was the closest thing I had to an orange highlighter. 

14) I have to admit that I don't usually bother to bronze, but for the sake of following the tutorial I did this time! I used a fluffy brush similar to Pony's and Courtney out of the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette to bronze the outer most parts of the face

15) Lips! This is where I finished following the tutorial, Pony uses an Apricot colour which of course I couldn't find in my collection, so I chose my Leighton Denny Lip Dual in 'In the Nude' which I felt completed the look nicely

What do you think? Do you like this look, is it one you might give a go too? Be sure to check out Pony Syndrome over on Youtube, she does travel blogs as well as makeup, really enjoyable content. 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx