How to Create a Mermaid inspired Look

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you may have noticed a selfie recently of me looking quite different... I wanted to try something fun and new taking inspiration from the new Models Own Celestial collection, my beautiful Instagram friend Jen, (take a look at her guest post HERE..) along with an abundance of pretty mermaid inspired photos showing up on social media. 

Here's how I created my mermaid inspired look..

Let's start with the base

After cleansing, toning, moisturising and priming my mug, I moved on to dotting over my problem areas with the Zao stick Concealer in '491' which is one of the lightest shades. After blending in with my beauty blender, I added the Marks and Spencer, Autograph 2 in 1 foundation in 'Ivory', again blending in with the beauty blender. 

I love this foundation but unfortunately it seems to have been out of stock for a long while! I think when or if it becomes available again I'll stock up. It really is one of the best foundations I've ever come across, full cover with no heaviness, just what I like.

After all the blending is complete, I used the W7 Banana Dreams setting powder. Another favourite product, it prevents creasing and patchiness throughout the working day.

Base makeup

Time to add some colour

Here is where most of my time went whilst creating this look - the eyes! I started with my brows. I used my trusty Eylure brow stencil 'Slim Arch' (I know - please don't judge but I'm useless with the brows!) and eyeshadows 'Star Power' and 'Expensive' from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette to achieve a two-toned, perfectly mermaid-y gradient. 

Eyes and Brows

Once I was happy with my brows I began on my first mistake! After bobbing on my desert island item - Pur Volume Vixen mascara in black, I started on the individual lashes. I wish I had waited until after I'd applied all of my eye makeup before adding them, this is how all the YouTubers show you to do it, but me being me decided to make life a little harder haha!

Anyway, inconvenient order aside, these individual eyelashes were so, so easy to use! I was pleasantly surprised as my previous experience with false lashes didn't go down well. Needless to say I was very happy with myself once I'd realised that - hey! this time it worked! 

I put the majority of lashes to the outer eye, then sparingly added further toward the inner eye. 

Ardell individual eyelashes

Once I was happy that both sides matched, I grabbed the Beauty Killer palette again to start on the eye colour. I always start off my eye make up the same way - with 'China White', this warm toned white goes all over the lid and up to the brow. Next, I dipped in to 'Princess', this is a pale pastel pink that I applied to just above my crease and avoiding the very inner eye area which I wanted to keep white. Even though you're working with pale colours here, remember to blend, blend, blend!

Now it was time to add some beautiful bright pink to the eyes! I used 'Star Power' on the most outer corners of the eyes taking it slightly further up above the crease and blended in with 'Princess'. 

To try and help my brows make more sense, I added 'Expensive' to the outer lower lash line, keeping the inner corner clean and bright. 

When I was happy with the colours, blending and eyelashes, I used the Too Faced Sketch Marker in black along the top eye line. Here's another mistake I made, though it didn't turn out too badly in the end... You know when you try and smooth out the line you've drawn and it gets thicker, then you have to do the other eye to match...then you end up with two panda eyes.... haha! Only joking it wasn't THAT bad, but close! I originally wanted a slim lined eye, but of course they ended up a bit thicker..... not to worry! 

I finished off the eye look by adding a Swarovski crystal to each inner eye corner for an extra mermaid-y twinkle. I used some of the glue from the Models Own glitter face kit to stick them on, if you do this, just be extra careful not to get the glue too close to your eye...


Add some Sparkle

What would a mermaid inspired look even be without any glitter? Here was the perfect chance to have a play with the brand new Face Glitter kits from Models Own Celestial collection. I treated myself to both colours, so I mixed some of the blue and white glitters for a bit of fun. I applied the glue with my finger - you are provided with an applicator in the kit but I like to get messy - to the upper cheeks and took it a little further up close to the temples. Once the glue turned from white to clear, I dabbed on small amounts of glitter at a time.


Grab your Lippy

Time to make those lips pop! I have been loving the Lip Duals by Leighton Denny, and the colour 'Deal with it' seemed like the perfect match. It's a beautiful bright pink (you can read more about the Lip Duals HERE) that looks stunning with a small helping of Models Own chrome lip topper in 'Stardust'. I used the topper just on the centre of the lips and gently tapped out to blend.


Seal it in

Now the makeup is complete, its time to grab your setting spray and seal it all in place. I'm loving Barry M's flawless Mist & Fix at the moment, you can choose between a matte finish or a dewy finish - I chose dewy as it really helps to make your highlighters glow. Also, its a great price, so if you're heavy handed like I am (too many Jeffree Star videos!) it wont break the bank if you go through lots of bottles.

Setting spray

Here's my favourite bit

Wig time! This was my very first experience at wearing one, and oh my gosh I loved it! I can feel an addiction coming on - I must grow my collection! I bought this pink and white blonde wig from Black Candy Fashion for about £21. Its called 'Lollipop' if you're wanting one for yourself. It was so easy to put on - and after a bit of faffing around to get the fringe how I wanted, it was time for my selfie...

It really pulls the whole look together doesn't it? Real mermaid vibes!

Finished Look

What do you think?

I feel like this is a good time to thank everyone who left kind and lovely messages on my related posts - this was a huge break out of my comfort circle and your words made me so happy! You're all awesome!

Would you like to see me experiment more with different looks like this? 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx