First Impressions: Wet n Wild Haul

Before Christmas I gathered all of your feedback from my survey, and one of the things that came up quite a bit was a request for my blog to feature more drugstore brands. I hope that you have been enjoying my efforts so far including the 3 part Soap and Glory Haul for Blogmas, as well as the work I’ve been doing over on Instagram with Barry M. There is so much more to come though, including today’s post where I try out Wet n Wild products for the very first time.

I actually was under the impression that you could only buy it from Beauty Bay here in the UK, but I’ve recently discovered that it has made its way into Boots as well. The prices are incredible, I’m used to paying up to 3 or 4 times more than what I have for some of the featured products today so it’s been a real eye opener! Oh my goodness that makes me sound like such a snob, but I suppose I am a little bit when it comes to skincare and makeup. I’m also happy to share that Wet n Wild are cruelty free, with an ever expanding range of vegan products too.

With the exception of mascara, eyeliner and brow pencil as I have quite a selection of those at the moment, I have managed to buy a full face worth of product for less than £40. There have been some hits, some maybe’s and a definite no-go in this mix of goodies, so let’s crack on with the review/first impressions…

Photo Focus Primer Water Spray

I was attracted to this little gem because it can be used to prep and set the make up, as well as been used to refresh throughout the day.

It has an interesting mix of ingredients, including Fomes Officinalis Extract, Mushroom. This will help to reduce redness and protect your skin from pollution and other daily skin aggressors. It will also help to reduce the amount of oil produced without making your skin feel dry.

So as I first mentioned, this can be used both to prime and set, and so that is exactly what I did. It has a fine mist which I really like as it doesn’t wet your face through, meaning you really can get straight on with the next step of your make up routine.

The primer water has an unusual scent to it, not off putting at all, but I can’t place my finger (or should I say nose?!) on it… In any case it doesn’t linger, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like strong or scented face products, you should find this to be perfectly fine to use.

This comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £5, so even though the component provides just less than half of my normal setting spray, it still works out at a much more reasonable price point (My normal spray costs £24)

Photo Focus Concealer and Corrector - Light Ivory

I chose the lightest shade of concealer that was available, Light Ivory. I was a little confused when I’d unboxed it as it sits darker and more pinky-peach toned than the foundation…

Overlooking this for now I decided to switch up my normal routine and apply the concealer before foundation. It comes with a wand applicator which I like, and went onto the skin nice and smooth. I found it to give good coverage, and able to be built up without becoming too creased. It blends out seamlessly with both a brush or fingertip (I prefer to use the latter).

After applying the foundation over top I did feel like I lost some of the coverage under the eye, so I went back in with this concealer, and even though it is darker than my foundation, it still blended out OK without any obvious signs of mismatched colouring.

Also, this concealer didn’t crease under my eyes! I have such an issue with my eyes - something you will pick up on if you read my posts - and finding a nice concealer that doesn’t crease can be so hard! I don’t tend to use much powder products other than blush, highlight and eyeshadow, so I don’t set my under eyes. This concealer held up on its own. I’m very impressed with it, especially considering that it only costs £3.75 for 8.5ml of product.

Photo Focus Foundation - Soft Ivory

The first thing I noticed about this foundation is how much of a fab shade match it was for my skin tone! Not too pink, peach or orange - I would go as far as to say that it is my perfect match.

Having done a little research into this product and the Photo focus range, I discovered that it has been tested under seven different photo lighting situations (clear blue, outdoors, indoors, electronic flash, fluorescent light, bathroom light, and nightclub light) to bring to you a foundation that won’t give you any scary flashback situations.

As such, this foundation has a light diffusing, matte finish. I did try it out using a drop of oil mixed in with it just to add a subtle glow, and it still looked fab on the skin.

It applied easily enough, I chose to use a foundation brush, there was no brush marks or streakiness. I also tried adding another layer of it to see how it coped, and I’m happy to report that it built up very well with absolutely no heaviness.

One thing that I’m not overly keen on is that it comes with a spatula wand applicator. I much prefer a pump component as I am a heavy handed so and so, and I’ll work my way through this bottle in no time at all. I guess at just £6 for 30ml though it won’t make that much of a dent in the purse! This is roughly a third of what I normally pay for my foundation, bargain.

Color Icon Bronzer - Reserve Your Cabana

OK. I have to say - on what planet is this actually a bronzer?! It looked light in the photo when I was adding it to the basket, but I thought it could have just been a weird lighting thing. I don’t think anybody could use this as a bronzer, maybe a setting powder?

A complete waste of money in my opinion, though having checked out some reviews online I’ve seen that people have indeed been using it as a finishing powder. Of course I don’t use much powder on my face so I’m sorry to say that this isn’t much of a consolation to me haha! Never mind, at least it was only £4.50…

Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad - Stop Ruffling My Feathers

I honestly couldn’t not add one of these quads to my basket, at £2.95 you can’t go wrong can you? In fact I wish I’d got a couple of other colour choices too as there seems to be quite a few.

The shadows come in a handy, travel friendly little component, thoughtfully labelled with which colours are meant for the lid, crease, transition and brow bone. Of course there are no rules to make up and you can put whatever colour you want, wherever you want, but I thought this was a nice touch for any newbies.

There is a soft matte chocolate brown, two pinky metallic shades, and one coppery metallic. All very pretty and blend out nicely on the skin. They have good pigmentation, but can be built up for a stronger result.

For the sake of this post I did put each colour where it was labelled to go, and though the finished result looked nice and completely wearable, I did notice that a couple of the colours seem to melt into each other and kind of look the same. Maybe next time I come to use this quad I won’t use all four shades together. Only a small grumble though, I’m very happy with this cute little quad!

MegaSlicks Balm Stain - Red-ioactive

This is another fab find! I love to be able to get through the day without having to touch up my lippie, and with this badboy, I don’t have to.

It has a beautiful creamy formula that has a subtle soft sheen when first applied. As the day goes on, and that subtle sheen wears down, you will still be left with colour on the lips as it is also a stain. Brilliant! Don’t worry though, even though it is a lip stain, it still comes off easily enough with your cleanser at the end of the day.

There is a good choice of colours on the Beauty Bay website, I went for this red as I thought that the colour pay off may not be that great seeing as though it’s still technically a balm (boy was I wrong!). The colour pay off is in fact incredible, and I will be treating myself to the some of the other options available. There’s a pink and a nude that I have my eyes on…

This Balm/Stain comes in the form of a chubby pencil, that twists up as you work your way through it.

They cost £4 each

Color Icon Baked Blush - Hummingbird Hype

This blush is a lovely golden coral tone that really packs a punch with its pigmentation. I only dipped into the pan ever so slightly and the pay off was very generous indeed! Luckily enough it blends and buffs out perfectly.

It isn’t just a flat matte colour either, it has a subtle shimmer - with not a trace of glitter - which I think really helps to lift and brighten the complexion, especially when using a matte foundation. I think that I’m also going to try this colour out on the eyes too, I think it could look quite pretty!

I adore the embossed hummingbird, it’s a really nice touch and a bit of a contrast to the simplicity of the outer packaging.

It costs only £3.50, a great buy in my opinion.

Megaglo Highlighting Powder - Precious Petals & Blossom Glow

I am obsessed with highlighters, I think that they make up the majority of my make up collection. I was slightly skeptical about these particular ones as they only cost £3.75, were they really going to give me the glow that I crave?

The answer is yes! They do, which you will see in my selfie a bit further on…

Applying a highlighter is usually the last step of my make up routine, and before popping it on I like to give my face a spritz of setting spray. For today’s look I used the Primer Water from above, then generously applied the Blossom Glow shade. This one has more of a silvery finish, whereas the Precious Petals shade leans more golden.

I am very impressed with these, I honestly didn’t think that they would look as good as they do, such a pleasant surprise. Again I’m loving the embossed details, they just add a little something special to the item.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was over the moon with my Wet n Wild haul. There was only one flop and that was the ‘bronzer’, I feel like my finished look would have turned out much better if it’d have had a bit of warmth around the outer edges, especially that forehead of mine!

I especially loved the foundation, balm stick, blush and highlighters, they are all what I consider to be the best buys of this post. The primer water and concealer were OK, but probably not something I would repurchase, unless they happen to come out with a lighter shade of concealer.

The prices are amazing, absolutely incredible whether you are on a budget or not. This haul has truly inspired me to not dismiss drugstore make up quite so quickly in the future, it’s shown me that you can get some wonderful products even when not paying a much higher price tag.

Have you guys tried anything from the Wet n Wild range? Which are your favourite products?

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx