Discovering Zao Make Up

*Contains PR Products*

Lately I've been watching a lot of Holistichabits YouTube videos to find ways of improving my skincare and makeup, to help with the breakouts I've been dealing with on my face.

Having simplified my skincare routine, I really wanted to make a start on swapping out my makeup... unfortunately, a lot of the brands featured in Sarah's videos would have to be imported, which means expensive

 I decided to google 'vegan make up UK',  I figured the cleaner the makeup, the better it will be for my skin. I am completely against cruelty to animals for the sake of beauty, and have really begun to be more wary of the beauty products I buy, so when this brand 'Zao' popped up, I had to have a nosey on their website. 

I was completely overwhelmed and so very impressed with what I found! From 100% natural formulas to organic ingredients, from refillable and sustainable products to gluten free, this Zao Make Up covers every need!

I don't believe I have ever come across this on the high street, and buying from a new brand through the internet is a bit risky when you don't know what shade you'll need, so I decided to drop them a quick email...

They were so helpful! They sorted me out with a couple of samples that arrived on my doorstep super quick, based on a brief description of my skin-tone. I was able to place my order that same day for my full size products!

After a little hiccup with Royal Mail, my parcel arrived with my new goodies! The team at Zao were really great, ensuring that after my first parcel went missing, another was sent out straight away. You really cannot fault the customer service from these guys.

Silk Foundation

This has to be one of the best foundations I've ever tried, and there has been many! I was a little surprised to find that instead of having a pump dispenser, you are provided with a small spatula... this is not a problem whatsoever, its just new to me! You only need a small amount of this product for medium to full coverage, it is very easily built up. I like to apply mine with a stippling brush, first dotting it around the face then slowly blending it in using a circling motion. It also applies well with a sponge if that is your preference...

The silk foundation is very light on the skin, but lasts throughout the working day. Usually when I get home I feel the need to take my makeup straight off, but with these products I find no discomfort or aggravation, so now there is no major rush to wash it off as soon as I step through the door! 


When using with the silk foundation, I've found that I barely need to use this. It’s great for the under eyes, and actually as a primer for eye-shadows, but because I get such great coverage from the foundation, I only need this for breakouts. 

The formula is fantastic, so creamy and easy to work with. Like all of Zao's products, this has no toxic preservatives, instead using micronised silver which also happens to be antiseptic. 

This concealer is £16.95, which may sound a little pricey, but its less than what I was paying for my previous concealer, and as I wont be using a lot at a time, it will last me a good while. It is also refillable, so when I do eventually run out, I can just buy it again minus the case, which means it will only cost £9.95. Wonderful!

Shine Up Powder

I was very excited to receive this product, I've tried both liquid and powder highlighters, and honestly, this is the best one yet! The liquid highlighters that I've tried previously from other brands didn't seem to last two minutes, very disappointing, and the powder ones tended to dull very quickly too...

The Shine-Up Powder gives me a heavenly glow all day, even at work! I've been using it on the cheekbones, eyebrows, corner of my eyes, tip of my nose....I like to glow OK?! I like how this gives you a non-greasy, non-glittery, and non-powdery finish. I'd like to say you don't need to use a lot of this product, but if you're anything like me, you will soon be hooked and add a little bit more here and there haha!

It will also suit all skin-tones. I'm very pale, and have to be careful not to go too pink or too brown, but this works perfectly. It will look absolutely stunning on darker skin tones too.

I have to mention the packaging! All products come with beautiful bamboo cases, but this also has a magnetic lid. So clever! Your chosen products will also come in a cotton pouch, which make a lovely gift, for yourself too… 


Already I have noticed a change in my skin whilst using these products, when removing my other makeup, I notice that my breakouts have become redder and angrier throughout the day, but when removing Zao Make Up, there is no angry, red skin underneath. Don't get me wrong, the breakouts are still there, but it doesn't make it at all worse. 

I feel like alongside my skincare routine, my problematic skin is on the mend. It has also given me more confidence in my appearance. 

There are many more products I have on my wishlist from this website, have you tried any? I'd love to know any other recommendations... I've been eyeing up their range of nail polish.

Please take a look at their website HERE and have a good read about their company and products. I know you will be just as impressed as I've been... 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx