Best Full Cover Foundation

If you have problem skin like me, redness, spots, anything! You will want to give this foundation a go. I have used many fabulous foundations, such as Doll10 Hydragel, Laura Geller, Zao makeup, that all do a great job, but none of them give me the same amount of cover as Marks and Spencer's All in One Foundation and Concealer. 



The formula is so easy to work with, its fluid and light which I enjoy applying with a beauty blender. You need the smallest amount and still get full cover. And I really mean full cover! I don't need to use a concealer on top to disguise spots - I just use concealer now to help highlight and contour. 

It doesn't oxidise through the day leaving you looking like a carrot - and it doesn't dry your skin out either. It is a dewy finish, though by the time you've finished applying the rest of your makeup, the glow will have slipped away so no worries about looking greasy or shiny whilst out and about. 

Also, its cruelty free!


**Insert shameless link to YouTube video here**


Seriously though - it would mean the world if you clicked on the link and watched this super quick - less than 5 min video - and maybe even hit the thumbs up. Also... it does demonstrate just how easily and quickly those problem areas disappear.


It's £16. A price that is so, so reasonable for such a truly incredible product. 


Ok, so my colour 'Ivory' has been out of stock for a while now, but I've been told its due to be relaunched in September, so I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for that! The other shades I believe have become available so if you want to try it, click here

Please let me know if you have, or are going to try this, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx