Before and After Makeup feat. Pixi by Petra

Today I'm going to be sharing with you guys my before and after makeup pics, its not an over the top finished off with a wig kind of makeup look, this is showing how I do my makeup on a daily (ish) basis. 

First of all, for those who know me or who have read my Skin Series, how much better is my skin looking?! I haven't been this happy with my skin in a loooong time, and I'm happy to say I only bring out the Duac if I see a breakout rearing its head, which thankfully, isn't very often at all these days. 

Anyways, I keep going off track! I recently purchased a handful of Pixi products from work, I've been loving their Milky Hydrating Mist for months now, but never really dabbled in their makeup. After chatting with their lovely brand rep Kat, I was easily inspired to make a few cheeky purchases which I've used today to go from looking drab to fab! 

Let's talk through my usual process and the products used...


Yes, yes, I'm one of those people who do their eye makeup and brows first. I am terrible at brows, so I put my trust in Eyelure's brow stencils and eyeshadow. Don't laugh! I like to mix two different shades of reddish browns together (out of my Morphe 35c palette) to create a brow colour that works best for me. 

Then I start on the lids. I always use some sort of primer, and by primer, I mean concealer haha! Popping my Tarte Shape Tape to one side for the time being, I thought I'd try out my new Pixi Pat Away Concealer. I bought this in the lightest shade, No.1 Cream, which actually looks a little lighter than my shape tape which is a bonus - the lighter the better for my milky white complexion. After popping a dot on each lid, I gently blended over the lids up to the brows to create a smooth and clean base for colour. 

Next I used Jeffree Star's 'China White' out of the Beauty Killer Palette all over lids up to the brow bone to set that concealer in place. China White is an off white, creamy colour which is very similar to my skin tone. Then I move onto the crease, keeping with the Beauty Killer Palette but this time dipping into 'Courtney' which is a warm tan shade (which is great as a bronzer too). Keep blending and building this colour into the crease, carefully blending slightly upwards, just above the crease.

Now its time for my next new Pixi purchase, the Liquid Fairy Lights glittery eyeshadow. These come in a handful of beautiful, sparkly colours, but I was very well behaved and picked two colours....for now! I treat myself to Passion Light, which I've used today, and also Crystalline which I'm very excited to play with too. I used the wand applicator to carefully cut out the crease and applied the bronzed glittery goodness all over the lid. Try to let it dry a little before opening your eyes so you don't get a line of glitter above the crease, I always keep a small piece of card handy to gently waft glitters dry quicker. 

You can probably tell by now where all of my time goes when applying makeup! Once we get the eyes done I promise things will move on a little speedier...

After the fairy lights on the lids have dried, I go back into the crease with 'Courtney' to just blend a little more. I also dipped into 'Vanity' from the same palette to darken the outer corners of eyes, start off lightly and gently build the colour for your desired intensity. 

To finish off, I used the thinnest line of black eyeliner (I've been using an Eyeko liner but it's well used and the writing has rubbed off so I couldn't tell you which it is...), tightly hugging it up to the lash line, then applied my favourite mascara by Pur Cosmetics, Volume Vixen in black. I quickly swept a small amount of 'Courtney' to the outer lower lash line too to bring everything together. 


Face Base

Yay! The eyes are done! Let's crack on...

I always, always use a primer, I know it's not for everyone but I really feel like it helps to keep my makeup on all day whilst adding a touch more moisture to my face. I've been using the Marks and Spencer Autograph Prep and Prime Illuminating Primer, just use a small amount all over the face and allow to dry. 

Then I use the All in One Autograph foundation in Ivory, I tend to squeeze a dot the size of a 2p onto the back of my hand then using my fingers dot a small amount over the forehead, cheeks and chin, blending out with a stippling brush. 

Next I took the Pixi Pat Away Concealer mentioned earlier, and applied under the eyes using the wand applicator it comes with. I tend to follow what all the beauty gurus out there do, and draw out an upside down triangle under the eyes before blending out with a small, dense face brush. I find that doing this over top of foundation helps to lift and brighten the under eyes a bit. 

Once you're happy, set it all in place. I've been using a banana powder by W7, but today I used my new Pixi Quick Fix Powder, which is a translucent setting powder. It comes in a component that provides a buff applicator, which means no mess! Remove the seal underneath then gently tap the buff applicator all over the face. I found it to really help lessen the amount of creasing under the eye area and in the smile lines, but also kept my makeup in place all day keeping unwanted shine away from around the T-Zone too.

Time for blush...lately I have been loving the Milani blush palette in Pink Play. I use a small amount and work inwards (from hairline to apples of cheeks) to avoid bright red cheeks. 

I set all of this in place now with the Pixi Fixing Mist, I've been using this for month's now and I love it so much, it has a lovely fine mist that doesn't wet you through and leave dots all over your face! 


This is my favourite part of applying makeup, it completely transforms your makeup look, bringing the skin back to life. I always apply my chosen highlighter after spraying the setting spray as it helps to make it pop and glow to the makeup gods! 

I have soooo many highlighters, and didn't really need another, but I just couldn't help myself. Pixi sell a highlighter duo, 'Glow-y Gossamer Duo' in two different shades, I decided to go for the 'Delicate Dew' option. It has a wonderful formula that doesn't really draw attention to any texture on the skin, it goes on very smooth and silky and easily blended out. 

Taking the lightest shade, I used a small fluffy brush to sweep it over the cheekbones and just above the eyebrows working slightly upwards where the light naturally hits the face. Next I use a very small detail brush to apply it to the brow bones, inner eye, cupids bow, chin (just under the lip), and also the nose. For the nose I imagine an exclamation mark - so apply a line down the centre, leave a gap, then a dot on the tip of the nose. This gives the illusion of a thinner nose with a cute lift at the end. 



We are nearly finished guys! This is going to be so much easier when I get myself set up on Youtube and I can just show you how I do things...the day will come, I promise! Hopefully this year. 

I love a good liquid lipstick, I'm not one for glossy finishes as my hair never fails to stick to them, so a matte finish is definitely my preference. Pixi do a selection Matte Liquid Lips, and I chose 'Really Rose' as I enjoy a pink lip. Well, I enjoy pink everything really! 

The teardrop shaped applicator made for a quick and easy application and helped me to stay between the lines. Also, the formula is lovely and creamy, and dries down to the matte finish pretty quick without making your lips feel tight and dried out. 


And that's everything! I feel like this has been a super long post, but I have had so much fun trying out all of my new makeup pieces from Pixi, and I want to give a special mention and thank you to Kat, the lovely brand rep I mentioned earlier, because not only has she opened up a whole new brand of makeup to me, but she's been incredibly helpful in teaching me new things to help me in my new role on the beauty department. 

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx