Guest Post by Samantha Braddy at HighStylife

The 5-minute Beauty Routine


Samantha Braddy 1

Whoever’s got time for contour, right? 
With modern lives going absolutely hectic on us (especially if you are a woman), 
doesn’t it feel like there’s very little time to dedicate ourselves fully to anything? 
Whether it‘s that cooking class you’ve signed up for months back (but went only
three times) or doing your makeup in the morning before storming out to a
meeting, we simply cannot have any routine last longer than 15 minutes tops! 
However, just the same - we do need those 15 minutes to be as efficient (and
effective) as possible! 
With an absolute understanding of the position you are in, we’ve decided to put
together a little tip-trip that will easily help you look stunning in a few minutes: 

Invest in quality.

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Rule number one of any successfully done makeup is to trust high-quality
that will keep your skin healthy and glowing. No matter how skilled a
makeup artist you are, unless you’ve got quality under your belt, you’ll not only
end up looking smudged but your skin will suffer irritations, blemishes and
redness that may potentially develop into chronic issues. To prevent that from
happening, make sure your cosmetics and makeup are from trusted brands. 

Trust your foundation.


Samantha Braddy 3

On a busy morning, we’d recommend going with an even-looking coverage that’s
just a little bit lighter than the one you’d normally use. Do remember that, for
your face to look and feel healthy, your cosmetics needs to be of top quality. With
so many organic and vegan products out there, your options are practically
limitless! A great choice would be brand called Inika from Australia since they
have certified organic foundations, designed to prevent irritation and give you the
most natural, gorgeous look you can imagine.You want your foundation to feel
completely weightless, so opt for one that gives your skin that silky, light feel…
and this one’s it! 
If you’re fighting noticeable dark circles under the eyes or redness anywhere on
the face, apply a creamy concealer on those spots. Don’t go overboard, though –
just dab a little in the critical spots evenly. After all, we’re trying to save as much
time as possible so don’t get carried away. 


Make me blush. 

A pretty, natural flush on the cheeks will make you look fresh, upbeat and (sort
of) happy! We love the idea of something bronzy on the cheekbones – with just a
touch of bronzing powder you’ll get that summery look we all adore. If, however, 
rosy is your thing – go for that. Don’t waste time contouring, just apply your
blush/bronzer slightly under the cheekbones and you are good to go. 


Light up the eyes.

Heavy eye makeup is a no-no, especially in the morning. For a natural look, just
sculpt the brows by brushing them out quickly and then applying a little brow gel
to give them thickness (if needed). Blend it all out and voila! Done! To give your
eyes a cute spark, apply some highlighter in the corners of the eyes (the ones
close to your nose). Then, coat your eyelashes with your favorite mascara and call
it good! 
NOTE: Eyeliner is always an option, but it can look too heavy in the morning. If
you are skilled applying it, then wear it when you want to spice things up. We do
our liner in under 30 seconds… you? 

The perfect pout.


Samantha Braddy 4

Although we absolutely adore the idea of a red or burgundy lip, your 15-minute
sessions calls for something easier and simpler. 
Option 1: Wear a neutral shade like mauve, beige, cappuccino or any of the
earthy, brownish tones. They tend to look super fresh and very sophisticated! Use
a lipstick with just a little shimmer to add some pout to your pout. Matte options
tend to look too dry and old. 
Option 2: Wear just a hint of balm for shine and lip protection. 
Option 3: Wear any of the two (above mentioned) prior to getting to the office
and then re-apply another lipstick (hello, red!) you initially wanted once you
reach your firm. 
Done! Let us know if you’ve managed all in 15!