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Rae xoxo’s September Favourites - 2016

I would like to thank Leanne for letting me write a guest blogpost for her brilliant blog. I hope Leanne & her readers enjoy reading about what I've been loving in September. If you didn't know I’m Rae & my blogs are & & I would love it if you could check out my blogs & follow me on Twitter & Instagram

September has been quite a long month for me as I’ve spent nearly every day visiting my Nan in Hospital. I’ve also been up to Great Ormond Street Hospital to have a MRI scan & a check up appointment with my Consultant. I’ve been so busy this month I'm hoping October will be a lot less stressful. For my guest post I have chosen seven of my favourite products I have been using this month. I hope you love what I’ve chosen

I have become obsessed with false nails this month!!! I bought a few packs of Elegant Touch nails at the start of the month & since I applied them I have just fallen in love with how they look on my nails. I have had so many people compliment me & ask me where I went to get my nails done. I cant believe how natural the false nails look & how easy they are to apply. Check out my Elegant Touch haul on my blog Have you tried Elegant Touch false nails??? What other brands of false nails do you like to use??

My next favourite is Converse Chucks socks. I got a three pack of Converse socks from TK maxx a few weeks ago & they cost £5.99. The Chucks socks are perfect to wear with low top converse or vans. The socks are really comfortable to wear & are really good quality. The best thing about them is they stay on your feet. Cheaper versions of the socks that you can get in Asda, New Look, Primark & H&M that I have bought in the past never stay up & always fall down. Next time I’m in TK maxx I'm definitely going to buy another pack.

I have been using Burt’s Bees lip shine all month long!!! I received it in a beauty subscription box at the start of the year & have only started to use it now. The best thing about Burt’s Bees is the products are all 100% natural. The colour lip shine I have is called ‘Whisper’ It is a sheer pink colour & leaves your lips looking shiny. The lip shine isn't sticky on your lips & it lasts forever, so you will hardly ever have to reapply it through the day which is brilliant. The lip shine costs £7.99 & you can buy it from the Burt’s Bees website colour/lip-shine.html?itemId=1000000097988.

Another beauty favourite of mine this month is Benefit’s Goof Proof brow pencil. I received the brow pencil in July’s issue of Elle magazine. I blogged about Benefit’s brow pencil on my monthly blog As the brow pencil is too dark for my eyebrows I actually use it as an eyeliner which is great, because the nib on the brow pencil is so thin it creates a really neat line on my eyes. If you got the Goof Proof brow pencil in July’s issue of Elle & was disappointed with the colour you received you should defiantly try using it as a eyeliner I can assure you wont be disappointed

COLab’s dry shampoo in ‘London’ is not only my favourite dry shampoo because of the super cute dogs tooth pattern on the can. Its my favourite dry shampoo because, It gives my lifeless hair some volume & texture & makes it feel refreshed. I haven't yet tried the sheer & invisible version yet, but as soon as I finish my current can I will definitely purchase it to see if I can notice the difference between the extreme volume version which I’m currently using. I love how affordable the COLab range is & that you can also get travel size versions as well. The extreme volume ‘London’ cost me £4.49 & I bought mine from Superdrug Shampoo/COLab-Dry-Shampoo-Extreme-Volume-LONDON-200ml/p/361802. Have you tried any dry shampoo’s from the COLab range??? If so whats your favourite???? If you use a different dry shampoo brand let me know in the comments

Another fabulous product I found at the start of the month was hair grips from Wilko. I think they cost 95p. You get 50 grips in a pack. What I love the best is that it comes in a handy plastic tub with a screw lid, so you can keep your hair grips safe without them getting lost!!!! Compared to other hair grips I have bought in the past they are seriously the best!!!! They are really strong & not flimsy. When you put them in your hair they are fantastic at keeping your hair in place. In the past I have spent nearly £3 on 20 grips (that didn't even come in a plastic tub) & they have been rubbish & not worth the money. I’m glad I have finally found the ultimate pack of hair grips. My Wilko hair grips are in the colour blonde, but you can also get them in black & medium brown http://

I bought Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy La Fleur in the January sales with my Christmas money at the start of this year. La Fleur is the first Juicy Couture perfume I have ever bought. I got a great deal on the 150ml perfume & got it for half price. Not only does the perfume bottle look really girly & cute the fragrance smells AMAZING!!!! The perfume is an Oriental floral scent with mandarin, wild berries, water lily, honeysuckle, gardenia petals & jasmine. You only need a small amount on as the perfume is quite strong. I only use one spray & you can still smell it at the end of the day. I have been wearing La Fleur everyday this month & I’m not bored with the fragrance yet. I still love the scent as much as the first time I sampled it in the shop.

I hope you enjoyed reading my guest post :D Leave a comment & say what your September favourites are. Are you Loving the same products as me??? What was your favourite product I wrote about in the post???

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