Guest Post by Bath Bakes Co.

We feel super honoured to be able to write this little post on Bath Bakes for the lovely Leanne and this beautiful blog.  

Where did the crazy idea of combining baths with desserts begin?  Well, there was a time when I, Miss Bath Bakes, did not spend enough time relaxing and looking after my body.  With the pressure to be slim and hate yourself easy to absorb, unfortunately, although I love delectable desserts, would not allow myself any self-love.  Then my body told me I needed love and so did everyone else's;  I had a dream to create a comforting sharing of love.  I could have never of imagined that so many kind-hearted and gorgeous bath-lovers would make this dream real.  


Bath Bake Love is all about sharing scrumptious love and encouraging everyone to share love with themselves.  It’s about allowing yourself those important lovely moments – nourishing the sweet toothed soul.  

Health is also at the heart of Bath Bakes – health you say? That seems strange with all that sugary sweetness!  To us health means a healthy relationship with yourself, others and our world.  We are so passionate about sharing goodies, made without potentially harmful ingredients.  We love both animals and people - so we make every goodie 100% Vegan, Cruelty free (not tested on animals) as well as without SLS, Paraben and Synthetic Fragrance oils.

We completely enjoy dancing round the Bath Bake kitchen, making goodies extra yummy and full of bathing happiness.  Our favourite bit is receiving such kind messages from beautiful Bath Bakers, seeing Bath Bake Love shared and imagining up new flavours for our releases (& of course the delicious smell of Bath Bake kitchens...)

Imagine relaxing your whole body into a just-baked cupcake... Lie back in Chocolate Fudge Cake or Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Lather yourself in comforting Banana Bread and glaze your body in Fudge Fancy.  Why not Bake a Bath?  The Bath is an excellent mixing bowl, dollop your cream in and make lathery soft bubbles, drizzle your syrup in for soft silky skin and shake some cake mix in for a sweet relaxing soak.  

Bath Bakers, you are simply the most beautiful and delightful lovelies and we truly appreciate every post, pictures, comment and message of love.  Thank you for sharing the scrumptious goodness and love in this world.


(P.S ‘We’ are Miss Bath Bakes/Sara-Meg, Mr Bath Bakes – who is the design wizard & the delightful Rachel - who is our second nose if you like)