Guest Post by Apothaka Skincare

I’m absolutely thrilled that the lovely Leanne asked me to write a guest post about how Apothaka started! Here’s my story (hope you’ve got a comfy seat and cuppa ready!)…

Apothaka was born out of a desperate need to fix my skin. After years of enjoying clear skin, out of nowhere I started getting break outs in my late 30s and was horrified – often painful spots that left scars on my face. I tried so many different commercial skincare products and they only made things worse: the harsh ingredients overly dried out my skin, creams that were either too heavy or too light and weren’t working for me. Anxious to find a solution, I spent hours doing research online and it became apparent that some of these products were compounding the problem.

I read about other people in similar situations having success with plant-based oils, so I bought a few oils and started experimenting: my kitchen turned into a bit of an apothecary (in case you’re wondering, the name, Apothaka is a twist on this!). All that was missing was the lab coat I secretly loved wearing in chemistry class at school! I started with basic single oils but as I became more familiar with different oils and their properties, I was able to blend different oils for more effective products. In particular, I started using light, non-comedogenic oils that nourished my skin without clogging my pores, along with skin-friendly essential oils – all of which feature in my products today. I undertook a series of courses on natural skincare, the use of essential oils and cosmetics regulation to deepen my knowledge and before long, I had hand made nearly all of my entire skincare regimen, and all my mainstream skincare products had been retired to the bin!

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I’m amazed how much difference using natural products has made to my skin. It’s more than that though. I know that every ingredient that goes into my products has a clear benefit– no cheap fillers, no pre-made bases. Every ingredient is wholly natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly. A lot of controversy surrounds some of the ingredients used in mainstream products which makes it hard for us to determine how safe they really are – how much truth vs. scaremongering is there around these ingredients – parabens, phthalates, PEGs, SLS / SLES, synthetic fragrance? It’s difficult to know who or what to believe. So I prefer not to take the risk when I can choose an alternative that definitely isn’t toxic and hasn’t caused animals any harm!

There are no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances in my products. I don’t buy many skincare products these days, but when I do, I scrutinise the ingredients label of every product and I would expect my customers to do the same. So I believe in being transparent about what I use in my range – a complete list of ingredients is shown on my website for each of my products and you will probably recognise everything that’s listed.  Skincare products don’t need to be overly complicated and full of unrecognisable ingredients to work!

I also want people’s skincare routine to become a more enjoyable experience. It’s so hard to find time to pamper ourselves these days, so I wanted to bring the idea of a luxe spa experience to the home with Apothaka’s blends. Being able to use something that not only nourishes and protects your skin, but helps to makes you feel good overall is an important part of Apothaka’s philosophy. Essential oils are therefore a valuable component of my products. As well as providing a gorgeous subtle scent, they work wonders for the skin and your overall well-being – win win!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve had so far with my products and nothing makes me happier than knowing people are enjoying using my products and seeing a benefit! I can’t wait to share more of them with you and I have several up my sleeve that I think you’ll love! x