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Hi guys! I'm Amanda from Amanda Jayne, and when Leanne asked me to pop a guest post on her blog this week, I jumped at the opportunity. It's so lovely to be asked, and I made sure to come up with a good piece of written content for her, and hopefully it's a post that will make you want to read more from me.

If you're unfamiliar with my blog, you may be unaware that I adore colourful make-up. Give me purples, blues and burgundies over your classic nudes any day. Although I enjoy a whole rainbow host of make-up colours, purples have to be my straight up favourite. They are so beautiful to wear on both the eyes and the lips, and they're often easy to pop on without worrying too much about touch-ups. I'm also a huge supporter of liquid-to-matte lipsticks and they're almost exclusively the only thing in my lip wardrobe. Today I thought I'd share with you three of my favourite purple liquid lipsticks!


The newest in my collection, Sugarpill's liquid lipstick formula is one that doesn't seem to boast too much, but is by far the best formula I've ever tried - that's right, even beating my beloved Jeffree Star line that I spent months raving about. Although there isn't a huge difference in formulas, I find Sugarpill's settles down just that little bit better and feels a little bit more comfortable, and there's no inconsistencies across the shades - something that can sometimes happen with the J* line. I reckon Amy spends that much time perfecting her shades that that's why the collection contains such limited colours!

Kimchi is described as being a 'lavender mauve with a subtle blend of transparent aqua and violet sparkles'. I own Trinket, a shade that contains gold sparkles, and it's a colour where you can really see the sparkle and shimmer in it. On the other hand, I barely notice the sparkles in this shade - they don't even show up on my camera at all! The sparkles are very undetectable, and don't be fooled by any of the shades in Sugarpill's collection as the formula still always dries down to be matte. It's a super comfortable formula and I imagine this is a shade that's perhaps suited to those wanting to experiment with purple tones, rather than go in head-first. It's easy to wear and also has a very good wear-time, requiring very little in the way of top-ups. It also has a very light 'doughnut' scent - it's creamy and delicious, but as it's not heavy, I don't think anyone even sensitive to scented products will mind it. 


As I mentioned above, I'm a big fan of Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick line. I own far too many of them, and I'll continue to buy more - even in his core range, there are shades that I want and I'm still yet to buy! One of the shades I patiently waited for to hit Beauty Bay is the absolutely stunning, worth-every-penny "I'm Royalty", a bold royal purple that isn't for the faint-hearted. It has blue undertones, meaning it's my favourite violet-leaning kind of colour, and has the usual JStar dreamy, matte and comfortable formula. As it wears you'll notice in places it may wear away to a deep pink which is annoying, but it doesn't require much to top it up. If you're heading out for drinks, you probably won't need to top it up at all. This shade doesn't have his trademark 'liquorice' scent, but seems to be unscented. 

If buying from Jeffree isn't your thing, NYX have similar shades in a couple of different formulas - their Liquid Suede in Amethyst is pretty similar, as is their Soft Matte Lip Cream in Havana. 


Another shade for those looking to ease their way into the world of purple lipstick, Gravity by Gerard Cosmetics is a shade I bought at the same time as my first JStar liquid lipsticks. It's a deep, smoky, grey-purple that comes in the most amazing formula. The Hydra Matte line is super comfortable and creamy, and is easily one of the most enjoyable formulas you'll try if you're someone who chooses comfort over lasting power. Whilst these don't boast a hugely long wear time, they don't become uncomfortable or flaky when you apply multiple layers (neither do any of the formulas mentioned in this post, save for one or two hiccups of Jeffree's), and so it's not a chore to top up when you need to. This shade is quite similar to Jeffree Star's Scorpio, which I included in the swatch below next to it, and as you can see Scorpio is a bit lighter and more lilac, but still has those same dusky tones. I'd probably wear Gravity a lot more if Scorpio wasn't so similar! Both my Hydra Mattes have a heavy, vanilla cake-like scent to them that I think smells amazing, but don't worry as the scent dies down as the formula dries and it becomes unnoticeable. 

L-R: Kimchi / I'm Royalty / Gravity / Scorpio

L-R: Kimchi / I'm Royalty / Gravity / Scorpio

That's a wrap for this post guys - are you a fan of purple lipstick? If you are, let me know your favourite shades below! If you haven't tried them - would you give any of these gems a shot?

If you want to keep in touch, make sure to check out my links below. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Leanne for having me on her blog!