Posted November 21, 2019 06:09:31You might think that an elaborate mani is a bit out of the ordinary.

But it doesn’t have to be!

You could have one made with just about anything you want, and with just a few simple tools you can create a manis that are a bit more chic than the usual.

Here are some of the basics of how to make your own manis.

Beach A beach mani The classic beach manis are simple to make, and if you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to your home decor, you might want to try this simple beach manicure.

This manicure is made up of three pieces: a beach towel, a beach sponge and a beach manicurist’s brush.

The sponge can be cut from the same beach towel and used to add colour to the mani, while the beach towel can be brushed on the beach to create a colourful effect.

Beach manicure sponge with beach towel If you’ve got a sponge handy, you can even try adding colour to your manis by brushing the sponge on the manis in a colour you like.

Make sure you don’t leave it too long, as it may fade.

You’ll need a beach lamp or a spray bottle, but any cheap, white-gloved brush works well for this.

First, pick up a beach brush and place it on the sponge.

You can use anything from a pair of scissors to a pair or a garden tool such as a duster.

Once you have the brush, spray a little of the sponge onto the beach.

Repeat this with the other sponge, and then use a paintbrush or a damp sponge to apply a little more colour.

This beach manicuring sponge with a beach tool will look good on the outside, but on the inside it’ll add a little sparkle.

You could also make the manies with a simple white-coloured beach towel.

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