Nude French manicure for everyone!

The complete set manicured in the style of the original manicure with an eye-catching color palette.

Available in three colors.

Nude french polish with silver foil detailing and matte finish.

Available as a set with three nails.

Nudie french manicures are the perfect manicure to complement your current look!

Matte Finish: This manicure is also available in a Matte Finish.

This manicurist applies the nail polish to a flat surface and then carefully applies the polish to your nail.

You will not only look gorgeous, but also look flawless.

You can also use this manicure as a complete set.

Matte Finish with Gold foil detailing is the perfect option for those looking for a manicure that looks like a complete piece of art.

Matte finish with gold foil detailing creates a glossy finish that looks fantastic on your nails.

Matte polish will add a little shine to your nails, and add a sparkle to your eyes, making it an ideal option for anyone looking for nail art!

Full set nail art is an ideal choice for the woman who loves a manicured look, and the woman that loves a bold look!

Full manicures will add some extra sparkle, but you can also add some personality to your look with a simple manicure.

The set is available in three nail colors.

Choose your manicure from the following nail colors: Matte, Matte, and Matte with gold nail polish.

Matte manicure and Matte nail polish will work well with every woman’s nail and nail polish, so it’s a perfect choice for any style.

Choose from a wide variety of nail polishes including: nail polish remover, nail polish paste, nail color, and nail glue.

For the most natural look, choose a white polish for the top and bottom of the nails.

Choose one color that matches your nail color!

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