The Times India on Monday asked readers to submit their favorite nail polish brand in the list of 10 most awful nail polish brands.

The top three brands in the poll were Brassica, Nail Polish and L’Oréal.

L’Oreal’s Black Nail polish had the most appalling manicures in the survey, scoring 5.5 stars.

It scored 5.3 out of 10 on our ratings scale, meaning it was the most hated nail polish. 

The other three nail polish companies in the top 10 were Kadokawa (4), Dior (3), Brush &Gnomes (2) and Mitsubishi (1).

Kadoks Black Nails, which is owned by Nail Spa and is the brand with the most manicures, had the lowest average score with 4.5.

The brand scored 5 stars. 

Brash nail polish with black powder was rated 3.8, Nail Polish with black nail powder was 3.6 and Brushed Nail Nail was 2.8. 

Nailing powders were rated 5.7, Powder Gels with black powder were 3.5 and Creme Nail Gel with black was 2,971. 

L’Oreal Black Nailed with white polish scored 4.7 and Nuvee Black Nipped with silver polish scored 2.9. 

Konami with green polish scored 3.3 and Black and White with gold nail polish scored 1.6. 

Dionys Black Nailed with pink polish scored 0.9 and Feminine with pink nail polish had 0.5, the Times of India reported.

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