Posted by MTV News on Thursday, August 29, 2018 07:27:50 When you need a manicure?

We’ve got the manicure shapes to help you out! 

We’ve got a bunch of manicure nails for you! 

Get the manicures you need right now with our nail shapes! 

And if you’re not ready to get the manicurist, we’ve got some cool DIY manicure ideas. 

You’re a man, you can do it yourself, and you can be awesome! 

Read on for a look at some of our favorite manicure nail styles. 

Get your manicure manicure on and hit the comments! 


The V-Neck –  These are really simple to do.

The top of the V-neck looks really good on a man. 


Faux Satin Shapes – The faux silk pattern looks great on a guy. 


Pomade – The gel manicures look amazing on a girl. 


Mens Creamy Manicure Strips -These manicure stripes are perfect for a man who likes a little color. 

5. Scentless Mani Strip -This manicure stripe is perfect for your favorite mani-pedicure style. 


Teal Manis – A mani manicure that looks perfect on a woman. 


Sparkle Maniacal Pants – This manicure looks great paired with a skirt or coat. 


Lime Manichal Sticks – These nail polish stick manicures are perfect on both men and women. 


Vibrant Manipulator -A great manicure for both men or women.

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