When I first started my manicure journey, I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew the goal was to make a red manicure look more feminine, and that’s what I was going for, but I was also a little nervous about what it would look like and how I would be able to wear it.

I figured I would make it look as if I had the full package of reds.

I wore my reds with a matching shirt and skirt and a red belt with matching shoes.

I did this so that I could show my girlfriend how I dressed in a red and that she could look at me and see I was not afraid of wearing red.

I have since discovered red lipstick is a great color for makeup, and I always use it in conjunction with red lipstick to achieve a vibrant red effect.

The Red Couture is a red themed manicure set for a red-themed party.

It’s also great for a holiday party because you can use it as a mini-manicurist and have a lot of fun. 


Makeup and Accessories I picked up a set of lipstick brushes for my red lipstick manicure and went to a local makeup store to purchase a lipstick palette.

I found these lipsticks in Urban Outfitters and used them to shade the red of the nails, the top of my pinky, and the side of my lips.

I chose the red shade, which I thought would look prettier on my nails and cheekbones. 

2. Showering My shower was a huge part of my manicures because it was a big part of how I wanted to dress.

I didn, however, go shopping for any make-up, because I wanted a simple look.

I used a red lipstick, a yellow lipstick, and an orange lipstick.

I put these on as I prepared for the party and then I used them on my face as I washed my hair. 


Red Lips This was the most challenging part of making the Red Couturier.

I made sure I did a full red lip because it really looked beautiful on my lips and cheeks.

I started by making my red lips a little more pink. 


Red Makeup When I started, I wanted my red nails to look like they were a shade of pink.

I also wanted to go with a red shirt and a blue tie because red shirts are so popular and they are easy to wear with a dress. 


Pink Lips I tried to go for a pink lipstick because it looked great on my cheeks. 


Lips in a Pout I tried to make my lips in a pout. 


Lipsticks in a Pinker Tone I really wanted my lips to be pink, but they didn’t seem like they would be very attractive.

I think my red lip shade was a little too pink for me, so I chose to go in a lighter pink. 


Red Eyebrows I did a lot to go to the red eye makeup to make them a little darker. 


Red Lipstick I used red lipstick because I love reds, and it looked really fun on my red nail. 

10. Red Dress This manicure was a bit of a challenge because I was trying to do everything in a pink and pinker tone.

I bought a dress that had pink lipstick and a pink tie because I am a pink-loving girl and I love to dress in pink.

But I ended up with a pink shirt and tie and red lipstick on my neck, and also my neckline and my dress.

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