What if your cat is so angry that he’ll jump on your shoes and drag you out of the house and chase you around? 

What if you have to jump back into the house? 

What if you’re going to have to call the police to get him off your property? 

The only thing worse than your cat being mad at you is that he’s going to make you mad too. 

There’s an app that can help you keep your cat’s paws away from your feet while you’re out in public. 

The app is called Cats Love You and it’s available for both Android and iPhone.

Cats Love You will track your cat by recording your movements, his location, and even his mood.

It can also tell you if he’s been aggressive toward you or if he has a mood disorder.

If you’ve got a cat that’s been behaving in a threatening manner, Cats Love Yours will tell you whether or not the behavior is becoming more frequent and dangerous.

Cats Love Yourself is a free app that tells you whether your cat may be displaying symptoms of a mood problem, such as aggression, aggression toward others, and other mood disorders.

When it comes to your cat, your cat needs to be around you and your home to feel safe. 

If your cat has been in a negative environment, you need to be careful about when it’s appropriate to let your cat out.

It’s important to keep your dog safe from your cat and from the people you have in your house, including your husband and kids.

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