When you’re in the mood for a fresh blue, why not have a look at our expert picks?

Blue-eyed women and men have long been regarded as the most popular and most glamorous looks in the world, but they’re also popular with a lot of men.

As with all things in fashion, it’s all about what you want to achieve with your look.

There are many ways to make your hair appear more “pompous”, but this article looks at how to achieve that “poncho effect”.

To make your eyebrows look more pronounced and more defined, try one of the many eyebrow products on the market.

It’s also a good idea to do a small brow trim if you have any hair at all on your eyebrows.

It helps to keep your eyebrows from getting tangled up in the top of your head.

There’s also an alternative method of achieving a more masculine look.

You can use your hair to create a bun at the base of your brows, which creates a very flattering shape.

This is a great way to achieve the “pompeo effect”.

And if you’re really feeling bold, you can also create a full brow, with an “X” at the end, by pulling your hair up past your eyebrows and into your eyes.

We have an entire article on brows and other brows here. 

When you’re ready to start creating, try the following tips to get started: Brush your hair gently.

The trick is to apply the right amount of pressure to make the hair look smooth and soft.

Avoid combing your hair or brushing it back and forth.

Instead, use your fingers and a brush to apply some of your favourite hair colours.

Make sure the hair is well combed to avoid pulling the hair out of place.

Apply your eyeliner, brow pencils and mascara.

You should also apply eyeliner and mascara at the same time to add colour and definition to your eyes, to make them look more like your favourite colour.

You may also want to apply your favourite lip gloss or mascara to create an effect similar to lipstick.

Try the eye shadow palette on the left, and your favourite eyeliner shades on the right.

Make your nails look more natural.

Apply some nail polish and/or nail polish remover to make nails appear natural. 

If you don’t have time to do all of this, you should still be able to do the following: Apply a thick coat of mascara, and/and apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Apply a thin layer of eye shadow on top of the eyeliner to add a natural, almost-sheer effect.

Apply eyeliner on top, and use eyeliner remover on the sides to make sure that your eyes don’t stick out. 

Try different styles of eye makeup.

Choose a color that will look flattering on your face and neck, but is also easy to apply and last all day.

Try to create some contrast between your eyes and your lips to add dimension.

Use mascara and eyeliners to create the illusion of a fuller, fuller look.

Apply concealer and concealer powder to add depth to your eyelashes and cheeks.

Try adding an eyebrow pencil to create extra definition. 

Use a brush.

You might find it easier to use a flat brush instead of a travel-sized brush to achieve this look.

A travel-size brush makes it easier for you to control the shape of your brush.

Apply the shape and angle of your lashes.

Try applying mascara to the corners of your eyes to create “eyeshadow”, and use a thin brush to create depth and volume. 

Apply the shape to your cheekbones, chin, nose and lips.

Make it look natural.

Make a very subtle, natural brow with a subtle gradient, or use the “lipstick” effect to add some dimension.

Apply mascara and a concealer to your lips. Have fun! Read more 

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