A new manicure set by UK brand Valentine is the first to feature an orange manicure.

The set, dubbed ‘Manicure Set #4’, was inspired by the colour orange, which has been linked to love and happiness in some cultures.

The manicure was created by British designer Lauren Green, and features an orange, red, yellow and blue-print base with a bright red, purple, green and yellow floral print over the top.

The colour is a reference to the word ‘manicured’, a word meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘delicate’ or ‘perfect’.’

It’s about celebrating the power of love, and it’s also about the power to express yourself, and to make someone else happy,’ said Green.

‘It’s the perfect combination.’

The manicures will be available in stores across the UK from January 5, and at Valentines Day special events from February 3.

The designer has a line of other colour and print-focused nail polishes, and a range of colour and design accessories, including the ‘Manichurri’ nail polish, which is designed to be applied on its own, and the ‘Nail Envy’ nail design, which can be applied to your nails with the use of a brush.

The set will also be available for sale on Amazon.

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