The moon has its own way of lighting up the night.

It’s not only an object of fascination, but also a tool of illumination, with its light shining on a variety of surfaces, including the human eye.

But the moon has some other tricks up its sleeve.

While the sun shines brightly on our skies every night, we have to be careful with our eyes.

We can’t always be sure of what’s behind our eyelids, and if the moon is just out of sight, it can make our vision blurry and miss important details.

The moon is also a very tricky subject to photograph, so we’re not sure how many people have ever tried to capture the full moon.

There are a few different ways to photograph the moon, and one of the easiest is to simply tilt your head so you’re looking at the moon.

The moonlit sky is much easier to photograph if you tilt your face so that the moon’s shadow falls on your eye.

This image was captured with a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, both mounted on a tripod.

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