A recent trend among manicure designers has taken on a new meaning: Black nail art is now an option for every manicure.

The trend started with a couple of nail art enthusiasts who made a video and posted it to YouTube.

Now the trend has taken a whole new direction with new styles and more artists joining in. 

One of the most popular nail art styles is the Black and White manicure, which is meant to emphasize a white background.

Many nail art bloggers also posted videos about the Black & White manicured nails on YouTube, and some nail artists have started producing Black & Whites.

In fact, nail artist Jodie Kastel, who also goes by Jody, posted a Black & Black manicure on her Instagram page earlier this year.

Jody has also been featured on the cover of The Atlantic and has been featured in publications like The Huffington Post and The Hollywood Reporter.

It seems like this trend is catching on.

In her video, Kastels daughter said, “I wanted to make a Black nail polish, so I thought, ‘Why not?’

I wanted to be the first person to put it on my nails and get it out to people.”

In addition to Kasteland’s video, several others are posting videos on Instagram about their Black & Brown manicures.

The black nail trend started back in 2012 with an Instagram user by the name of Jody Kastell.

In her video Jody shares her Black & Gold manicure with the caption, “What if the Black nail is white?”

The black nail was originally designed for the artist by the way, a black artist named John Haines.

Hains black nail design is said to be inspired by the color of the sun.

It’s not known if Jody’s Black & Green manicure is the first black nail polish to be made by a black nail artist.

What to do if you find black nail arts in your salon?

If you find that your salon has black nail artwork, be sure to stop by the salon to get a refund.

The salon may have a refund policy in place to give you some options.

If your salon doesn’t have a black and gold theme, or you’re unsure of the color scheme, contact the salon directly to find out if there is a refund program available.

If your salon isn’t the first to offer black nail designs, there are a few options.

You can still get a black & white manicure and nail art kit for the same price as a white manicured nail kit, which would come with a black pencil, a white brush, and a black brush holder.

But you could get a Black&Brown manicure as well, which comes with a white nail polish and a Black pencil, and you could also get a white & Gold nail kit for $25 more than a black manicured kit.

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