Wired is reporting that, this week, electric manicurists around the world will be offering their services again, with a new brand name and a new set of manicures. 

According to the site, the new electric manicuring sets have been designed by renowned electrician-turned-fitter, Tonya Williams. 

“It was always going to be a little more of a challenge, but it’s a big deal for me to see a new look in my salon, because I love the look of electric nails,” she told Wired. 

The electric manicursy set is a collection of 12 electric manicured nails with three colors of electric polishing agent. 

They range from an electric nail polish with a red-tinged finish to a purple manicure with a gold-tingled finish. 

It’s a good look, Williams told Wired, because electric nails tend to be matte and often get duller over time. 

As with most electric manicuresseries, the electric manicurer set includes a variety of different styles and prices. 

For the $45 set, you can get a single manicure, three different finishes and three different polishes. 

That’s just $45 for 12 manicures and polishes, though there are also a variety sets of six different finishes available. 

If you’re interested in ordering the electric nail manicure sets, you’ll have to order online through Electric-Nail-Care.com, and that’s a bit of a hassle, as there’s no direct contact with the electrician. 

You’ll have two options for ordering the sets, though. 

There’s a special special offer  that’s only available to those ordering the set through electric-nail-care.com. 

And the other option is to call one of the electricist’s customer service representatives in your area, and he or she will give you the option to get a personalized set. 

So you can pick up the set for $45, or pick one up for $40 or $30. 

When it comes to nail care, you need to make sure your nails are moisturized, which means a good, high-quality, deep-red polish and a good-quality polishing powder. 

A good polish will also help keep your nails from getting dull, while a good polishing spray will also give you a good shine and a gloss. 

In the end, if you want the best manicure for your nails, you want something that lasts. 

But if you’re not interested in buying a set, it’s still a good time to check out the rest of the manicure offerings from the electric industry, including electric nail polishers, electric nail brushes, electric polishes and electric nail varnishes.

You can check out more of Wired’s coverage of the nail industry, like our coverage of how to get your nails manicured, or Electric Nail Care.

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