In a recent interview, the executive producer of The Next Generation, Gillian Anderson, said she has no plans to retire from her role.

But Anderson said she is taking a break from her busy schedule to focus on her personal wellness.

“It’s like I’m not just going to do it because I want to.

I’m doing it because the fans want it,” Anderson said.

The Next Gen producer also explained that while she has not decided on a specific retirement date, it could happen any day.

Anderson said the show’s longevity has been a key factor in her decision to remain on the show, and she is grateful for the fans who have been so supportive.

“We’re in a place right now where we can’t go on forever.

I feel like there’s something missing.

It’s just a very important part of the human experience.

I think people miss the quality of life that we have here on The Next Show,” Anderson added.

Anderson added that she wants to thank her family for supporting her career, and is grateful to have such a supportive and supportive network.

“I just want to thank the people that have supported me throughout this whole journey.

They’ve been so great to me.

And they’ve always been supportive of me in whatever I’m feeling and whatever I need,” she said.

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