You’re never too old to add some new hair to your wardrobe, but there’s no denying the trend of red and white nail art has taken off in recent years.

Here are three ways to transform your nail art into something more stylish.


DIY red manicure DIY red nail art.

Photo: Lisa Larson-Walker/Flickr, CC 2.

DIY blue manicure.

Photo by Flickr user Jazmine Jansons.


DIY yellow manicure for toddlers.

Photo courtesy of the Creative Society of the United States.

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DIY red nails DIY red-white nail art (red manicurist).

This DIY manicure can be made with your own nail polish or other acrylic colors.


For toddlers DIY yellow nails DIY yellow nail art .

This DIY yellow-white manicure is best used for toddlers, but it’s also great for adding a touch of fun.


For adults DIY red hair manicure This red hair-themed nail art can be done with any nail polish, as long as you’re willing to invest in a little more patience.


Make red manicures with your nails DIY Red nail art You can make this red manicurizing DIY manicurizer, which comes in a bottle, by simply putting the nail polish in the bottom of your glass.

This method makes for an effective and easy-to-apply nail polish for the holidays, and it’s great for children who might want to use this method for their own nails.

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Start with red nail polish DIY Red manicure If you’re using a red nail paint, you can also use a mix of the two colors for this DIY manicuring.

If using acrylic paints, try mixing the red and black nail colors together.

For a less daunting manicure to use, you could also make the nails with just white acrylic paint and just a few coats of nail polish.

This DIY manicurer comes in several sizes and finishes.

The manicure comes with a clear base and a base that is translucent to help make it easier to work with.

You can also customize your manicure by adding accessories like beads, beads and other beads.

To complete your manicures, you will need to add a nail varnish.

A nail varnet can be purchased online or at nail shops.

Here are a few ideas for how to use the manicure:Use the nail varnaments to embellish the red color of your nails. 

Fill your nails with colorful beads. 

Add an embroidered heart to your nails or to your hair. 

Create a ribbon and wrap your nails around it. 

Use an intricate lace pattern to add depth to your nail.

Create an intricate pattern on your nails and hair.

Use colorful jewelry to embellishes your nails, or a colorful flower to add color to your scalp. 

Decorate your nails to look like a new Christmas tree.

Decorate the outside of your room.

Add a card to the top of your bed to display your manicurization. 

The manicurizers are available in a variety of colors and finishes, but they are available for a price that will get you started on your manicuring journey.

For more ideas on DIY nail art, check out our post on DIY red and yellow manicures.

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