“I’ve got this thing that goes up to my elbow, and I don’t want it to be folded all the way up.

It’s going to be uncomfortable, and it’s not going to look good.”

– The Week’s Kate Vancorella article “It’s a bit of a stretch to call my nails ‘wet nails’ because the water is actually on the outside of them, but I’m pretty sure my nails are wet.”

– Vancomella article”I’ve always felt that my nails should always be neat, so if I can keep them tidy and tidy, it makes sense to me that my hair should be neat too.”

– Lizzy Davis, founder of the Hair & Beauty Blog, on the importance of neatness for her hair. 

source The Week and Vancorezza’s advice are part of a new video series that highlights the different aspects of hair care that can make or break a woman’s look. 

The video series, “10 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Great,” will premiere at Hair & Beauty Monday at 7 p.m.


“I’m a makeup artist and the goal of this series is to help people understand their hair, and their style, so that we can create a better look for them,” Vancorenza says in a press release.

“This video series is part of the beauty industry’s push to better understand and understand hair in a way that makes sense for our clients.” 

“There’s always more we can do to make our hair look good, but the beauty of it all is in the moment.

The best part is knowing that the only way you can make your hair look great is by following these 10 tips,” Voscona adds. 

She also shared her own personal tips on how to keep your nails neat, and she shared some of the best and worst tips for keeping your hair neat, too. 

Vosconahas hair is currently styled by Hanna J. A. and she also has a personal stylist, Mary Beth, who also uses Waxwork.com. Check out The Week’s Hair & Beauty Series to learn more about the best tips for hair care for your beauty routine. 

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