Australian businesswoman and fashion designer Caroline Luscombe has created a unique set of manicures using only natural ingredients that look like the ones her family bought when she was a child. 

Caroline Luscastle, a fashion designer and fashion blogger, says the results have the potential to change the way we look at our beauty products and products made for children. 

“I want people to look at me as an artist,” she says.

“My designs are based on natural ingredients and I wanted to give the consumer the opportunity to look through the entire process of making a manicure.” 

Caroline Luscences own boutique is called Natural Beauty, and her designs are made using ingredients like water, beeswax, organic herbs and bamboo.

She says it was important to create natural beauty products that looked like the products they were sourced from, because it would help people think about what is going into their hair and skin.

“When people are looking for natural beauty, they want to see products that look natural,” she said.

“When you’re buying natural beauty from a supermarket, you’re looking at products made with chemicals that are not only dangerous, they’re not organic.”

It’s like buying a product that’s made with artificial colours. 

If you’re not careful you can make these products look fake and they’re really not. 

They look fake to people who haven’t spent any money on the ingredients.” 

I want to give people the opportunity for people to think about the ingredients that they’re using and I think they really do have an opportunity to make things that look better and more beautiful for themselves.” 

Luscence says the inspiration for her designs came from the natural beauty she grew up with. 

The daughter of an Italian immigrant, Lusca was raised in an Italian family where she felt a sense of belonging. 

She has a keen interest in natural beauty and her work is based on the natural ingredients in her home, which include a mixture of beeswox and seaweed, the essential oils of sea urchins and sea ewl. 

When she first started her own business, she realised that her natural beauty was often not the most appealing.

“I had a lot of questions about my natural beauty,” she told AM.

“I was just like, ‘Why do you care about my skin?’

And I was like, why do you need to have a natural beauty product?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion model or you’re an artist.” 

When Lusciences daughter asked for a product, Luscences family members were thrilled and excited to see the result. 

One day she found a bottle of a natural hair and makeup product that was exactly what she was looking for. 

A year later, the family was thrilled to be able to sell a limited edition set of her own designs.

“People were just so happy to see it because they didn’t know what natural beauty looks like and I was just so excited that it was happening and people could see my work,” she explained. 

Luscences daughter said she was inspired by natural beauty to create the designs for her own line of natural beauty manicures. 

These are not just products made to look like natural products.

They’re not just for children but for people who are just looking for products that are natural and do not contain chemicals. 

Her products include a collection of water-based nail art products, a range of body care products, natural toothpaste and even a range on makeup. 

But it’s the range of products that really make Natural Beauty special, and it’s this collection of natural products that Luscates daughter uses in her manicures that has been making the most of the opportunity. 

Natural Beauty is a collection that has a wide range of natural ingredients, including natural toothpastes and natural toothbrushes. 

There are also some non-natural ingredients like natural essential oils that have been added. 

At Natural Beauty you can also choose from some of the most popular natural haircare products, including hair conditioners and hair moisturisers. 

Other items include an exclusive collection of makeup brushes and a selection of natural hair colour products. 

This range has been developed to give natural beauty customers the opportunity to see how natural beauty can look on a range. 

And as well as being a natural-inspired beauty brand, Natural Beauty is also a fashion and design brand. 

With its range of hair care products and natural beauty items, Natural is a great place to start if you want to find out more about natural beauty. 

You can find more of Caroline’s work on her website. 

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