You may be able to buy a sticker from the local Chinese market or a Chinese-language website without any trouble.

There’s no need to go to a store or buy the sticker online, as long as you know the words and phrases.

Here’s how to get the French manicures and nail designs you want in China without spending a fortune.1.

Get a passport.2.

Get the French passport.3.

Go to China.4.

Purchase a sticker.5.

Buy the sticker.6.

Sell it online.7.

Sell the sticker at an international mall.8.

Sell a sticker online.9.

Sell stickers at a Chinese mall.10.

Sell online.11.

Sell sticker at a Shanghai mall.12.

Sell Chinese manicure sticker online13.

Sell nail art sticker online14.

Sell an international manicure or nail art at a mall.15.

Sell nails online at an overseas mall.16.

Sell your French manicuré or nail-art at a local nail shop.17.

Sell at a store.18.

Sell to a local Chinese mall for around $2.50.19.

Sell offline for around 100 yuan.20.

Sell locally online at a discount.21.

Sell on a Chinese website for around 300 yuan.22.

Sell for $3.80 on an online store.23.

Sell in a Chinese shopping mall for about $2 or more.24.

Sell through a Chinese discount outlet.25.

Sell from a Chinese post office.26.

Sell over the internet.27.

Sell directly through an online platform like Taobao.28.

Sell via an e-commerce site.29.

Sell by mail.30.

Sell with a credit card or a Paypal account.31.

Sell using an online seller platform like Shopify.32.

Sell without a credit or debit card.33.

Sell anonymously.34.

Sell outside of China.

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