French manicures, or gels, have become increasingly popular for lesbians, with a number of brands adding a rainbow-themed label to their products in recent years.

Now, Gels Naturals is offering lesbian manicures in two new colors, blue and green, to be available in the United States.

“We are thrilled to launch our newest line of lesbian manicure and beauty products, including our most recent release of the beautiful, blue-and-green gels N.L.G.

N,” Gels says in a statement.

“We wanted to make sure we weren’t copying anyone, so we chose to bring our own style to the market.”

Gels N, which means “The Girl Who Leaves,” is an acronym for “The Light of Love,” a phrase that was inspired by the story of a girl who left her hometown in England and settled in France.

It describes a person who has “the power to transform herself in any way that she chooses.”

The new products, which are expected to ship this spring, feature a collection of three gels: a bright pink, orange and yellow gel, the “L.L.”


N.S.L., a pink and blue gel, and a yellow gel.

Both the blue and the green gels are available for $19.99, or $14.99 for a single size, while the pink and green gel is available for the same price, $17.99.

Gels also offer three other color options, including a purple and white gel, which is $9.99 and a white gel with blue and yellow sparkles for $14, or a pink, blue, green, yellow and white gel for $15.

The color options are also available in a few other colors.

The rainbow-inspired labels have been popular for years, as they reflect a love of color and the lesbian community.

But now the trend has taken on a new meaning as more brands are introducing similar products, with many of the products featuring rainbow-colored packaging.

The gels include:A.D.C.

GelNaturals, which has its headquarters in New York, is a global brand with stores in Paris, London, Milan and Milanese restaurants.

The company also sells to many other countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Spain, New Zealand and Singapore.


D, which also has stores in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston and San Francisco, is an international brand with locations in Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

LilacGel, a Los Angeles-based company that also sells gels and other nail and beauty supplies, has its own store in Los Angeles.

The gels feature a rainbow motif, a nod to the lesbian theme, with the label featuring an orange and a pink flower, and the logo reading, “Lilacs.


Lilab, a New York-based luxury beauty brand, launched its first gels in January with a purple gel called “Gel L.”


Gels, a Paris-based brand with several locations, also launched in January, with “L-Gel.”

It’s the first of its kind to feature a lesbian label, as well as featuring a floral design.

In a statement, Lilab CEO Jean-François Perrault called the labels “inspired by our beloved lesbian friends who have been blessed with amazing beauty, courage, grace and beauty, in a time when our society and culture is in a flux.”


LaGel is a collaboration between the women of the community and the beauty industry that aims to make beauty accessible to all women and make lesbians, queers and trans women feel valued, welcomed and embraced in a way that they have not felt before,” Perraux said.

“LolitaGel will allow us to bring this amazing idea to life, in all its beautiful, vibrant glory.”

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